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Mrs Howard Gibson
(UK Acklam Afghan Hounds)
(By Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne October 2014) Page 2

The Gibsons faced some challenges as breeders and exhibitors. Firstly they were isolated somewhat on a small Island (Jersey) and had to take the ferry to Weymouth to reach the mainland. They were active in the breed duriing WWII when breeding and showing dogs was problematical. In the case of the Gibsons it was particularly problematical - the island of Jersey where they had moved to sometime between 1934-36 was occupied by the Germans from 1940 - 1945, heaven knows what challenges that presented the kennel with. However the Gibsons did breed two important litters, the first, pre-war in 1939, the second and last post-war in 1946. Just to add some context to the Gibsons life on Jersey during the war, a couple of excerpts from the article "Resistance' and 'Liberation' found on - "During the hard years of the Occupation, while food is scarce, two German soldiers come to your house and ask you to do their washing, in exchange for extra rations. What would you do? You’re offered a job and promised good pay and good rations. But it’s working for the occupying forces. Do you accept it? A German soldier approaches you and offers your children sweets. He says in fluent English, that they remind him of his children at home. He seems kind and friendly.". To compound the isolation that Jersey residents felt there was little the people could do about the situation. Another quote from “You couldn’t take to the mountains in Jersey with arms in hand. First we’ve got no mountains and second we had no arms.”

Map Of Jersey

Ch Mitsou Of Acklam 1946 Ch Mitsou Of Acklam 1946

Ch Mitsou Of Acklam and some offspring 1948
(Mitzou is on the far right, laying down)
htp:// PHOTO Ch Mitsou Of Acklam and some offspring 1948

Since I wrote the above I discovered an excellent article written by Nick Waters, UK Dog World Newspaper,dated 29th December, 2011 and quote from this article as follows - " Following a holiday to the Channel Islands in the early 1930s the family took up residence in Jersey. At the beginning of hostilities between Germany and Britain and with imminent danger of the war closing in around the islands, the Gibsons travelled to England to find suitable accommodation for themselves and their animals for the duration of the war.. The rapid advance of the war through France moved so quickly that Jersey was invaded before the Gibsons could return for their animals. Mrs Gibson managed to get instruction to the few friends that remained on the island that her dogs were to be destroyed if suitable homes could not be found.. The German occupying forces commandeered the Gibsons property and for the first 18 months of the occupation they learned nothing of the fate of their dogs, but then occasional Red Cross messages from the islands began to filter through. Returning home five years later, following the liberation, they found their home in a deplorable state. Three of the Aklam hounds had survived, all litter sisters, Sheba who was daughter Elwyn’s special pet, Mamouna who had been left very much to her own resources and Mitzou who had been cared for by Mr and Mrs Tubb.. (With acknowledgement and thanks to Nick Waters and Dog World)

There is a lovely painting of several of the famous Acklam Afghan hounds which Mrs Gibson often used in her kennel advertisments. The original painting we believe is now part of The Kennel Club art collection

Painting, Acklam Afghan Hounds PAINTING Acklam Afghan Hound HEIGHT=

(Artist Patrick Weir), Hounds are - centre back, Mitzou; left back, Int Ch Amunallah Khan of Acklam (owned by Mariette Deckars in Belgium and the only Afghan Mrs Gibson sold); right back, Ch Tanza of Acklam; front four left to right, Ch Mohammed Ali of Acklam, Zana of Acklam, Gebel of Acklam and Abu Zaid of Acklam.

Acklam Advert 1949 (L) as used in the Booklet (R)
"The story of Champion Mitzou Of Acklam"
Privately published by Mrs Gibson
http://www.afghanhoundtimes PHOTO Acklam Advert 1949 (L) as used in the Booklet

Mrs Gibson produced a home grown Booklet entitled "The story of Champion Mitzou Of Acklam", see photo above, which she published privately and distrubted to friends etc

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