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Afghan Hound Club Of America National Speciality 2010
Report and Results
(Preliminary - copy of forum posts live from the National
and photographs portfolio set up by John Bloor (Nottingham Afghan Hound Training Club Forum)
Formal report and photograhs will be posted shortly)

REPORT 1 Here is an update from Steve Tillotson
and you will find his photos via this LINK

Hi All
Finally got a wireless connection. Only replace wireless available at the hotel is the main lobby, so this my first chance to post from National

Hotel, Showground, Weather etc Am happy with hotel, we're eating out for breakfast Coco's, Mimi's, Ihop stuff.

Spent some good time in the bar chatting with old/new friends. Our rolling group is Jim Hickie, Terry Wilcox, Ada Wilcox all from Australia and Sue Rhodes from England, so we have a lot of experience around us and are having some very spirited conversations Spent some time with Mike Lancashire (England) and have very interesting chat about how the breed has changed since I moved to CA a decade ago.

Apparently Keith and Brenda Thornton (Karnak, UK) are here, I haven't linked up with them yet but am looking forward to that.

Also spent some time with Midj Martin, The Hedstroms,The Kaisers, the Hicks. It's hotter than forecast, so we had to go out and buy sun screen today to avoid me toasting

I do like the layout of the venue. The hotel rooms surround the showground so you simply walk out of your room directly onto the showground.

One irritation was show catalogues, they only become available on day two as late as 10 minutes before judging began. That was annoying as I had no chance to study the catalogue in advance.

Dogs, Judging, Handling Bit disappointed with the quality overall in dogs, am hoping today/bitches will be more exciting Temprements - lots of nervous dogs, way too many Handling - probably the worst handling I have ever seen (yes that bad). Handlers over fussy, cant leave their nervous dogs tail alone for one second, constant fiddling with the tail. Handlers simply not fit enough to show their dog. The dogs have not been flying around which US exhibitors have been so often critized for, yesterday it was the complete opposite - many going at barely walking place, so dogs never extended or moved with verve or style. Showmanship was a rare commodity today A big annoyance to me - handlers not using the ring. There was a female handler, I liked all the dogs she showed but she pi....d me off every time. She cut every corner on the ring. Dont these people get it? Use the full extent of the ring, you spend more time running and showing your dog this way and he gets into a rhythm. There was a lot of this and only about two exhibitors used the full extent of the ring. Fashion - lots of black skirts, black pants worn by exhibitors showing ..... black dogs, very smart!!! ShouldWear light colors as a background to black dogs, shows them off better. This handling stuff - its all just basics you learn when you start out, so seeing such handling at a National Speciality was disappointing.

Judging, we all have different opinions, and indeed I differed from the official opinions. One of my gripes was the judge's routine of pulling out his apparent winners and then at the last second reversing 1st 2nd places. I can understand a last minute change of mind once in a while , but this happened on three consecutive classes. I don't understand the necessity to do this constant last second switching of 1st/2nd?

Attaching a photo of the winning line up, will try post some more photo if time permits


and you will find his photos via this LINK

Hi All National report 2
I am a much HAPPIER afghan enthusiast after today.
The bitches were much much better than the dogs and it was so pleasing to see some style, showladyship. The handling was also much better, dunno why maybe because the bitches seemed more stable. I saw a lot less nerves/temprement. I could align with the judges decisions much more easiily today also highlights for me = a a beautiful black puppy Sura Lies and Alibi, when she ran with the maturerer girls in the challenge for WB she deserved to be there, very promising black baby. She got RWB !! heckuva result well deserved She nearly went to WB because the original WB Grazioso JP Indah a heavily coated black that had travelled from Japan had an issue with its registration, this was sorted, but at one time it loooked like the above pup was gonna end up WB. Anyways the japanese registration proved ok and she got the WB she absolutley deserved. Very powerful mover. Heavily coated and really moved stylishly. Showed the boys how an Afghan should move I was much happier with the overall quality of the bitches, the puppies were by and large simply adorable, and stable temprements compared to the boys the previous day

Met up with the usual gang. Delighted to spend time with Keith and Brenda Thornton (Karnak UK). Their breeding via Solomons Seal Of Karnak hold the breed record in the UK (37 cc's), believe me THAT is some record. Keith loooked great, Brenda who has arthritis big time looked really good and was in great form. A real treat for me to speak to them after a decade away. The AHCA art auction was lively, some big prices (several thousand dollars) paid for some of the auction items. I had to hang on to my wife in order to keep her hand down from bidding. I failed she got some jewellry and an affie bag... ah well, win some lose some hahhha

I will go to be much happier tonight, I saw some styish movement today, and handlers were a lot less fussy - way to go, well done to the girls!!!!

and you will find his photos via this LINK

Hi John
very specal extra report KEITH THORNTON handles afghan in USA Wonderful moment. A breeder here has very strong lineage in her veteran dog to Keith's Karnak breeding, so she invited Keith to handle. See attached photo, MAGIC moment. First time Keith has shown a Afghan in 10 years. To quote Keith "bloody ell, that was great". He was so happy, and looked so good handling the Afghan. Brenda watched from ringside full of pride The dog was instantly recognizable to me as Karnak type. Had a much finer american head but the substantial body so typical of Karnak was self apparent. Took me back to the days when the Karnak's were so dominant Photo's attached, enjoy these historic moments....

and you will find his photos via this LINK

Its 1030 am so couple of hours to judging, will send show results report later of course please post/share Steve

and you will find his photos via this LINK

Hi All
Here's the next report. Sorry bit late but can only get wireless in the main lobby of hotel and busy taking hundreds of photographs and meeting new friends, so time been a bit tight.

Thanks to the others that posted results also. DAY THREE RESULTS Best Of Breed Competition BOB Ch. Thaons Mowgli BOW Shylo The Octoroon BOS Ch. Wynsyr Taking Chances AWARD OF Merit Raffica Valymar Sweet Victory, Stormhill Sweet Dreams Raffica, Jabir's Southern Nights, Mahali Arriva Meadowlark, Kasban Sura Spring Fling, Pamelon's Late Nite of Cavu, Wynsyr's China Doll

Report - the Specials were pretty impressive, lots of quality and a challenge for any judge to have to sort out. The best of breed competition is always exciting.

I sat adjacent to a 'rent a mob" (fan club of every exhibit, not just one, these ladies were very enthusiastic in their support of just about every exhibitLOL).

I hadn't seen Mowgli before and I was impressed. For me he is a nice size and refined. Of all the exhibits for me, Jay and Mowgli were the perfect partnership. Jay's handling is almost simply matter of fact, no frills, no fussing, dog and handler in perfect harmony, moving as naturally as you can. I spoke to Jay briefly just after his win and we discussed this very point and he confirmed that is his style of handling, Good job. I attach a pix of the final lineup withMowgli as #1 and also a couple of candid shots just after they came out the ring. I liked both BOB and BOS two very stylish movers who didn't put a foot wrong on the day.

There was a lot to like about the Afghans today. I had high hopes for the Japanese Bitch (WB) (Grazioso JP Indah) in the best of breed competition, but to my surpsirse she didn't appeal to the judge. I have been asked to get some pedigree details on this bitch and spoke to the owners this morning who have promised to email me a pedigree which I will post when received.

I also had high hopes for the RWD (Sura Lies and Alibi) in he best puppy challenge, here again the Judge wrong footed me and chose the litter brother Sura LA Ink. I hope I dont offend the breeders, but in this challenge the bitch showed more confidentaly/stylishly than her brother and she would have been my pick. Anwyways , congrats to Sura for their success - well deservedfor both their lovely puppies.

Handling - generally ok. A friend commented "the judge left out a lot of good Afghans in his picks because the handlers were so poor and their Afghan just didn't show". Handling on day two with the bitches was best day for handlers in my view and BOB day was a bit of mixed bag with some of the first day handlers back in the ring and of course some very good specials handlers. Anyways, there was sufficient quality of Afghans in the ring, I tried to focus and enjoy that rather than worry about some of the handlers.

Judging - well it was a big quality competition to judge, enviable to be a judge in one sense, challenging in another. Judge didn't do the 1st/2nd place switching that perplexed me on day one. I briefly spoke to the BOB judge who stated he was very pleased with the quality of his picks. Photo of final line up of BOB in order of winners and couple of candid pix taken as Jay left the ring etc attached

REPORT 5 and you will find his photos via this LINK

hi all
I always enjoy the after show banquet, food was good (meet and potato for this ole english guy). What I enjoy most of all is the "people" I get to meet. We had an interesting table, we had Reggie Nesbitt with us for quite a while then he moved on.

We had the lovely Norwegians Age Genes (sp) and his beautiful wife JO (Jo is short hand for her real name which us americans/brits probably couldn't pronounce). I hadn't met Age before but had met Espen Enge his good friend who judged AHC Wales years ago and put up the UK current breed holder (Tejas Conquistador) in the early days of her come back campaign (This bitch has quite a story, picked up by Mike Gatsby with no coat, cared for and lovved by Mike, skillfully handled and went on to win BOB Crufts and get the bitch CC record, So Espen was very astute in recognizing here quality and potential way back in Wales.

Also at our table The Jensens - PAMIR Afghan Hounds. When Mrs Jensen answered "Pamir" when I asked for her kennel name I was thrilled. A lot of the younger people may not know the name, but PAMIR is a long standing and important kennel. I think Mrs Jensen was equally surprised/thrilled when I asked her about Pamir Ho Chester (Stormhill Silver Dream x Patricians Victoria). Were talking about the early 1960's here. I really enjoyed my chat with Mr Jensen and his anecdotes about those days. You just never know who to expect to meet and this was a big thrill for me. PS the Jensens have been married 54 years this year - Congrtulations!

I attach some photo's.Photo 3 was our table, my wife (Marelee Nelder) at the back, Reggie Nesbitt next to her, the Jensens with their young lady handler sat between them to the left, and our Norwegian friends to the right.

Photo 4 was the Aussie/Brit table Jim Hickie (Gengala Aust) back to us in thecenter, the Wilcox's (Alaquadar Aust ) to the right and Sue Rhodes (Shadowfax UK) to the right of the Wilcox's. You can also see Keith Thornton (Karnak, UK) blue shirt center-back in photo I didn't take notes on the MC's speech.

There were three new lifetime members awarded by the AHCA,

GR CH Genesis Silverado is the AHCA'S dog of the year. The MC honoured and listed all the winners for conformation, agility, lure coursing etc.

Ruth Weddle (40 years publishing Our Afghans got a special award for her long time contribution as publisher on the breed. Ruth is undergoing some surgery so was unable to attend but congrtulations to her, a very well deserved accolade from The Parent Club.

Thinks thats it, time to go see some more dogs

Another report from Steve Tillotson, who is now back at home and taking a well earned rest before posting more photos on his website.

and you will find his photos via this LINK

Hi All

Here is my final report on the National. We were lucky with the weather during the National it stayed dry throughout. It drizzled a bit yesterday morning during the Northern California Speciality that followed the national but held off all day, but it was overcast and chilly by our sunny california standards. Today (right now am at home, about 45 minutes from the Venue and it's pouring rain here so it will surely be doing the same in Sacramento). I understand there are NO wet weather facilities on the showground so it must be a miserable day for exhibitors at the Monterey Bay Afghan Hound Show which is happening right now at the National venue in Sacramento.

We stayed today just long enough to watch sweepstakes. Not posting full results, but wanted to mention that adorable bitch puppy Black/Dilute (may end up black, or grey or blue) - Sura Lies and Alibies went Best Puppy in Sweeps and showed like a dream. Soon as the judge came up to her she wagged her tail, such an extrovert gorgeous baby

Below are the full class results for the National. Now its time for a good ole cuppa tea and put my feet up now


1. Regular Classes, DOGS, Judge Reggie Nesbitt (Bombey)

Puppy dog 6-9 Months (Ent 11, 2 Absent)
1. Sura L.A Ink , black, (Ch Sura's Hollywood Nihts JC x Ch Raffica's Say It Isn't So Renwick)
Breeder M Santiago, S.J.Neil, J Denardo. Owner Suzanne Neil
2. Jangel's Take It To The Limit , B/Cr (Jangel's Cliffhanger x Jangel's Hell Of A Dream)
Breeder Jana Fybring & Bo Gronbald (Sweden). Owner Amy Donnell
3. Chichic's Just Watch Me, Gray/Black/Silver (Ch Summerwinds Ego Trip RA X Ch Lyrix Rebel Serenade)
Breeder Erin Davis, Owner Erin Davis

Puppy dog 9-12 Months (Ent 6, 1 Absent)
1. Journey Apache Nation, Red, (Ch Abaca-Shacone Native Spirit x Ch Sirai Crinson N Clover)
Breeder N. Edginton, C Byington, A Shaw & T Chacon. Owner Nancy Edington
2. Elan Sebring Alcide, black, (Ch Tells Elan Sebring The Womanizer x Ch Sebring Elan Algeria)
Breeder Dr Jerry Klein, Daniel Wangler, Rachel & Charles Irvin. Owner Calvena Evetts & Jerry Klein, Daniel Wangler & Rachel Irvin
3. Majenala Returning Echo, Black, (Majenala Smashing Sensation - Ch Majenala Ego Trip In Concert)
Breeder A Schaefer, J Robinson & H Jorgensen. Owner J Robinson, N Eden, A Schaefer

12-18 Months Dogs (Ent 7) 1. Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr, Brindle, (Xenos Comment x Alphaville's The Ultimate Creation) RWD
Breeder Yvonne Lijunquist & Tommy Karlsson. Owner Scott Pfeill * William Pfeffer, Gary Lennon
2. Alphaville's Shylo Here I Come, Brindle, (Xenos Comment x Alphaville's The Ultimate Creation)
Breeder Yvonne Lijunquist & Tommy Karlsson. Owner BRUCE aLrk & Stephen Fisher
3. Happenz Brand New Star, Black, (Ch Khandhu Amdre Amalfi x Kingsleah Leila)
Beeder Andrea Wdehler. Owner Didier Coton

Bred By Exhibitor Dogs (Ent 9) 1. Pisco Of Dega Afghans, Red, Breeder/Owner Jamie Ganoza
2. Rafficas Taking It To The Next Level, Black, (Ch Synergys Aviator Or Verpatsha x Ch Rafficas Take My Breath Away)
Breeder Garret and Sue Games & John Kia. Owner Garret and Sue Games
3. Djarum's Spark Of Messenger, Black, (Ch Tifarah's First Rate Act x FC Messenger's Amarige)
Breeder/Owner Linda Campbell, Lauren Morrison, Alicia Jones

American Bred Dogs (Ent 2)
1. Baakara's Reflection Of My Heart' Mountain View, (Ch Baakara's The Way Of The Heart x Ch Baakara's Close To My Heart)
Breeder Karen D Baker. Owner Lyn & Donald Smithson & Karen Baker
2, Zoso's Come Fly With Me Summerwind, (Ch Polo's In The Air Tonite CD SC x Zoso's Alaskan Dream)
Breeder/OWner Jerre Ford

Open Dogs (Ent 9, 1 Absent)
1. Shylo The Octoroon, Black/Cr, (Ch Abaca Shacone Native Spirit x Ch Shylo Solitaire) WD
Breeder Bruce Clark & Leslie Farkas. Owner Bill & Jennifer Pearce & Stephen Fisher
2. Cairo's Rev It Up, Brindle, (Ch Cairo's Bottoms Up x Ch Jubilans Fairy Moss)
Breeder Lorraine Tayeb & Jennifer Erickson. Owner Lynn & Donald Smithson & Jennifer Erickson
3 Graziosojptop Of The World, Black, (Graazioso JP High Touch x Grazioso JP Make Me Smile)
Breeder Masato Ito. Owner Shizuka Murakami

2. Regular Classes, BITCHES, Hank Nave (Genesis)
Puppy Bitch 6-9 Months. (Ent 7, 1 Absent)
1. Sura Lies And Alibi, Black (Dilute), (Ch Sura's Hollywood Nights JC X Ch Raffica's Say It Isn't So Rwnwick) RWB
Breeder M Santiago, S J Neil & J dENARDO. oWNER saUZANNE j. Neil
2. Azari-Ruzka A Fool For Ur Love, Red, (Ch Magic-Tifarah Opening Act x Ch Raficca's Pretty As Promised)
Breeder Karen Irazabal & Garret Games. Owner Darla Hichborn & Karen Irazbal
3. Chicchic's Boom, Black, (Ch Summerwind'sa Ego Trip RA x Ch Tifarah's Illusive Catch)
Breeder Erin Davis. Owner Shanon Emerick & Erin Davis

Puppy Bitch 9-12 Months (Ent 3, 1 Absent)
1. Valkor Stare If You Dare, Brindle (Agha Djari's World Is Not Enough x Saxonmill Star Style)
Breeder Jayne Edwards, Owner Didier Coton
2. Scented Billie Jean King, Black, (DK, NO, SE, NZ Ch Star't Cutting Trax Of Jhanzi x Scented Allabouther)
Breeder Laakso Sari. Owner Beverly Thompson

12-18 Month Bitches (Ent 9, 0 Absent, 1 Excused)
1. Countrywinds Champagne Barbie, Red, Breeder/Owner Catherine Harker
2. Allure's Who Wouldn't Wanna Be Me, Black, (Ch NFX Night to Rember CD RN x Ch Allures Turn Me Loose at Suraj SC)
Breeder Todd & Stephani Norris & Pam Mcqueen. Owner Patricia Silverman & Dick Hafner & Stephani Norris)
3. Alphaville's Foreign Copy T' Wynsyr, B/T, (cH Poseidon Of Mountain Taop One JP x Twopczs Absolutely Alphaville)
Breeder Yvonne Ljunquist & Tommy Karlsson. Owner Scott Pfeil & William Pfeiffer & Gary Lennon

Bred by Exhibitor Bitches (Ent 8, 0 Absent)
1. Azari's Kill 'n'em Softly, Brindle, (Ch Raffica's Lady Killer x Ch Mahadi's Duchess Of Abbey)
Breeder/Owner Karen Irazabel
2. Majenala Leader Of The Pack, Brindle, (Majenala Smashing Sensation x Ch Majenala Ego Trip In Concert)
Bredder Jen Robinson & Holly Jorgensen. Owner Jen Robinson & A Schaefer
3. Pamelons Zitkalasa, Gold, (Ch Pamelons Sterling x Ch Shacone Abaca Adelaide)
Breeder P & L Pattereson, A Shaw & T Chacon. Owner Pamela & Lonnie Patterson

American Bred Bitches (Ent 4, 0 Absent)
1. Shenandoah A Toast Of The Town, Blue (Dilute), (Ch Shenandoah Yancy Derringer x Ch Regimes Shenandoah Ma Jolie)
Breeder Denise Willeford, Ine Harris, Robert Godfrey. Owner Sandy Blount & Denise Wailleford
2. Morita Regines Ms Barry Of Keystone, Black, (Ch Shenandoah Yancy Derringer x Ch Regimes Shenandoah Ma Jolie)
Breeder Denise Willeford, Ine Harris, Robert Godfrey. Owner Ine Harris & Jo Luis & R Godfrey
3. Hosanna's Lifesong, Lt Brindle, (Hosanna Amazing Justice x Ch Hosanna Price Above Rubies JC)
Breeder Lynda & Rosse Farley. Owner Lynda R Farley

Open Bitches (Ent 13, 1 Absent)
1. Grazioso JP Indah, Black/Cr or Wht), (GArazioso JP Hight Touch x Garazioso JP Make Me Smile) WB
Breeder/Owner Masato Ito
2. Sura's Paris Nights, Brindle, (CH SAura's Hollywood Nights JC x Ch Kasban Sirae" Heaven Sent)
Breeder Suzanne J Neill, Cynthia Byington & Laura Mauldin. Owner Christine O'Connor & Suzanne J Neill
3. Cairo's All Dolled Up, Brindle, (Ch Cairo's Bottoms Up x Ch Jubilans Fairy Moss)
Breeder Jen Erickson & Lorrained Tayeb. Owner Jen Erickson & Elise Toohey

3 Best Of Breed Competition (Ent dogs 32, 10 Absent, bitches 20, 0 Absent)
BOB GR CH Thaon's Mowgli, Dark Mahogony Brindle, (Ch Thaon's Wannadance x Ch Thaon's Cybil)
Breeder/Owner Jay T Hafford & James Blanchard.
BOS Ch Wynsyr Taking Chances, Black/Silver (Wynsyr Out Of Africa x Ch Synsyrs Kodak Moment)
Breeder Julie Drees, DS Pfiel & W Pfeffer. Owner Lynn Mercer & D S Pfiel & W Pfeffer
BOW Shylo The Octoroon, Black/Cr, (Ch Abaca Shacone Native Spirit x Ch Shylo Solitaire)
Breeder Bruce Clark & Leslie Farkas. Owner Bill & Jennifer Pearce & Stephen Fisher

WD Shylo The Octoroon, Black/Cr, (Ch Abaca Shacone Native Spirit x Ch Shylo Solitaire)
Breeder Bruce Clark & Leslie Farkas. Owner Bill & Jennifer Pearce & Stephen Fisher
RWD Alphaville's Special Edition Wynsyr, Brindle, (Xenos Comment x Alphaville's The Ultimate Creation)
Breeder Yvonne Lijunquist & Tommy Karlsson. Owner Scott Pfeill * William Pfeffer, Gary Lennon
WBGrazioso JP Indah, Black/Cr or Wht), (GArazioso JP Hight Touch x Garazioso JP Make Me Smile) WB
Breeder/Owner Masato Ito
RWB Sura Lies And Alibi, Black (Dilute), (Ch Sura's Hollywood Nights JC X Ch Raffica's Say It Isn't So Rwnwick) RWB
Breeder M Santiago, S J Neil & J Denardo. Owner Suzanne J Neill
SD Ch Raffica's Valymir Sweet Victory, Brindle, (Ch Genesis Legacy Of Amberlike x Ch Rafficas Yankee Doodle Dandi)
Breeder G & S Games, Janine Denardo & Marie Santiago. Owner Garret & Sue Games
SB Ch Wynsyr China Doll, Lt Cream, (Ch Fabelhaft Zootsuit x Ch Wynsyr Alliance) Breeder Scott Pfeil & William Pfeffer. Owner J W & Debbie Rogers & Scott Pfeil & William Pfeffer

Awards Of Merit GR Ch Stormhill's Sweet Dream Of Raffica
Ch Mahali Arriva Meadowlark
Ch Jabir's Southern Nights JC
CH Kasban Sura Spring Fling
CH Pamelons Late Nite Of Cavu

Best Bred By Exhibitor - Pisco Of Dega Afghans

Best Puppy Sura L.A Ink

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