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Constance Depler Coleman

Above is a jpg of an original Watercolour by Constance Depler Coleman. This was painted around 1950 At that time Ms Coleman's (nee Depler) work was sold by Abercrombie & Fitch in Chicago. I am fortunate to own the original Watercolour and have enjoyed a dialogue wth Ms Depler in which we discussed the inspiration and background to her watercolour. Ms Depler has also provided me with a print of an unpublished (hence not published here either) work she did around the same time, involving a scene of a meeting underway where the "Afghan Hound" caricature at this meeting represents one of her family members

"Originals" by the artist are very rare to come by, so I consider myself very fortunate to own the above original.

Ms Depler is renowned for her series of canine paintings, three of her famous landscape works are shown below. Prints below of her work are available for around $75-$150 from specialist art retailers. I also own "prints" of her "Bar Hounds" and "Hep Hounds". When I purchased them, the retailer sent them to Ms Depler who then "autographed then, in addition to the old/original autograph on the print

Bar Hounds

Hep Hounds

Golf Hounds

Ms Depler is in her mid 80's now, and is as lively as ever. A very fine lady, a very fine artist

Steve Tillotson, 2010

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