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Bloomingdale Afghan Hound

Afghan Hound Times - Bloomingdale Afghan Hound

In December 2002 a rather interesting Afghan Hound came up for auction.... here are the details..

"Up for auction is this FANTASTIC Vintage BLOOMINGDALE'S Window Store Display.It is Large Afghan Hound Dog.Purchased at an Estate Sale and the owners said that this has been in the family for many years. The dog has traveled from relative to relative. Supposedly bought in New York City, when Bloomingdale's was clearing out all of their old store displays.The relatives can say this has been around since the 60's.I was able to pull a piece of stuffing newspaper from the foot of the dog and it is dated December .7 1966 .I will include it

.He/She is very large!. We have named her Natasha.She really is a beauty.She stands:37 inches high x 46 inches long x 15 inches in depth.There is wear to the tail and scuff marks to the muzzle.Glass eyes are intact.Beautiful Blonde fake Fur.The dog looks to have been made on a wrapped cardboard/paper mache frame and Fake fur attached.She is very plush and could use a brushing.She doesn't weigh alot,but is very bulky.She will require a large box for shipping.She is too large for USPS shipping, So she will have to be shipped UPS, Unless you can pick her up in CT. and save yourself the shipping charges.I have only had her for a few days and she has been in my front room.Everyone stops and does a double take.Is she Real or Not?When I tell them that she is fake and going on eBay,they are shocked.She looks too Real.My poor little nephew,Robbie, panicked ,as he is afraid of dogs. I had to reassure him that this dog was fake.As I said,she will have to be shipped UPS,but am still searching for a box large enough.I wanted to get this beauty listed.How great next to Vintage Victorian Fireplace for a Christmas Display.How about that Antique shop window display""...

Natasha sold for $290.00 ...

Afghan Hound Times - Bloomingdale Afghan HoundAfghan Hound Times - Bloomingdale Afghan HoundAfghan Hound Times - Bloomingdale Afghan Houndf

Update 27th February 2003 - New Owner Contact
We have received the following email from the new owner....

I just found your web page and I'm the one who bought this Bloomingdale Afghan Hound window display. We have renamed her Tanisha because the lady that sold her on eBay only had her for a short time. I would love to find out what her original name was and to call her that. The rest of the story ---- It was so funny the first time Heidi and Wolf our Afghan Hounds saw her. They both growled and barked. Then Wolf went up and sniffed her butt. I have tried to find the original owners, but couldn't find them. I would have loved to get more information from the original family. I wrote to Bloomingdale to try and find out what year Tanisha was used in the store window. They don't keep old records. I then wrote to a guy who did store window artwork pictures, because for years he had a shop across the street from Bloomingdale, but he didn't remember ever seeing the Afghan Hound.

Maybe if you put this information on your web page the original owner would see it and contact me. Would appreciate any help in finding out more information about Tanisha (Bloomingdale Afghan Hound window display)

Linda Wiglesworth
Email (

In the January 2004 edition of Our Afghans, the Bloomingdale Afghan Hound yet again came on the market. Linda Wiglesworth also provided some additional information-

"It is believed that this Afghan Hound was created by Florence Schippen, locally known as "The Cat Lady" from Englewood, Florida, per a friend of mine who knew her and gave me a library community news item that said, "Florence a resident of New Point Comfort Road was a neighbor of mine. She was a wonderful artist, well known for her incredible lifelike animal and bird figures. Her work was bought by such well known department stores as Lord and Taylor, Saks Fifth Avenue, in New York, that often used her creatures in their Tth Avenue windows. She was passionate about helping lost or injured animals, especially dogs and cats. Florence passed away in 1983".

Ed note Jan 2012. We are not aware of the current owner/location of the Bloomingdale Afghan Hound, if we hear, we will update this page.

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