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Steve Tillotson, April 1996

1935 Onwards

Information on Switzerland is somewhat scant (help please!), however, with some detective work we can commence to find the beginning. The first clue comes from Will Hally writing in his weekly breed column in "Our Dogs" in January 1942 in which he quoted from a letter written by Daniel Cronin (Enriallic Afghans, Ireland) - "Zubeide of Enriallic, litter-sister to Roshni of Enriallic is now in Switzerland, the property of Mrs Monica Pope (Note; Latterlly Stoecklin-Pobe) has had the sensational win Ch Cert Schwelzer Sfertitel and Int Ch Cert C.A.C.I.B at Basle show August 1935, when 13 months old - not usually awarded to dogs under 18 months old". By the by, Daniel Cronin also bred Int Ch Zandi of Enriallic which was the first Afghan Hound bitch in the world to gain that distinction (according to W Hally's note). The second clue comes in Margaret Niblocks book (The Afghan Hound A Definitive Study, p 131) "Many Enriallics were exported to the Continent and one became the first Afghan to be owned by Frau Stoeklin-Pobe in Switzerland in 1935"

Noting the clue "13 months old" (in August 1935), we are looking for a litter born in July 1934 - and studying the UK Kennel Club Gazette (registration sheets) for this period, we find only one Enriallic litter that fits this date - whelped 30th July 1934. We note that Will Hally states that Zubeide was "litter sister to Roshni" and Margaret Niblock states Chimoso of Enriallic (born 1932) "full litter sister to Roshni" which suggestes 1932, but that doesn't fit with 13 months of age in 1935. The mating was repeated, first litter in 1932 which contained Zandi and Chimoso (and possibly Roshni), the second in 1934 and the final one in 1935. We cannot find a registration for Roshni to solve the puzzle of the date. Noting that Enriallic is an Irish kennel, it maybe that Roshni was never regitered with the English KC. The presumption is therefore that Zubeide came from the 1934 liitter, but in any event the pedigree is the same, viz;

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Rupee Kymn Khan of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Zarifa of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ch Sirfreda Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Ch Alfreda Shahzada
Souriya of Enriallic Kabba Ch Buckmal Bm Ooty Bm
Pushum Bm
Reshum Baluch Bm
Ch Ranee Bm
Mem-Sahib Khym Bm Baluch Bm
Ch Ranee Bm
Daghai Bm Ooty Bm
Pushum Bm

To add to the confusion (but we solved this one), a bitch named "Souriya" (also of Bell Murray breeding) was registered two years earlier. Zandi's dam is shown as "Souriya", but, importantly was further endorsed "dam not previously registered with the KC". Eventually, the official registration for Souriya "of Enriallic" appears (after she whelped oddly enough). This reveals the idiosyncrasies of the very early registration systems, and a nightmare for us reseachers, but we like a challenge!

Apart from later periods, ie 1950's when Frau Pobe owned Int Ch Swetley V D Irminsul I have little information on Switzerland, so help please. What is to hand is a photograph, date unknown, of "The Champion bitch Royah Of Rohilla" (Rohilla being Frau Pobe's kennel name) annoted with the words "Since 1935" in an advert dated 1958.. The length of hind quarters, perhaps straighter than the Ghazni strain, the minimum amount of coat on body and hindquarters, plus deep chest are reminiscent of Bell Murray. Is this a hombred bitch going back to the above lines?

1940 Onwards - to be continued


Steve Tillotson, April 1996

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