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(Summary by Steve Tillotson)

Note - The following brief summary has been composed from feedback received from various visitors to the congress. If anybody out there who attended the congress would like to provide a more detailed report I will be pleased to replace the following in favour of a more informed report. Many thanks. Steve

CONGRESS - San Diego, USA 1995

The 2nd Afghan Hound World Congress was held at the Bahia resort in San Diego California in November 1995 and was attended by 500 plus people from over 20 countries. Apparently the British were out in force, some 100 attending the congress.The conference agenda was ambitious and very full, a consensus being that the agenda deserved two days, also that more interaction/question and answer sessions would have been appreciated.

Following introductionary and opening comments, the first agenda item was "Creating a Show Dog" with speakers Ros Bacich (Aviva Australia), Karen Wagner (Pahlavi), Chris Terrell (Kabik) and Chris Amoo (Sade, UK). Sandy Frei covered how to go over and assess Afghans. Vets J Klein of the US and Rita Aho (Finland) talked about health and heriditary aspects. Jim Hickie (Australia) talked about quarantine and aspects of AI. Next came a series of international speakers which included Erika Rodde (Katwiga, Germany), Peter Frost (Dzum Australia), Jaime Ganoza (South America), Lotte Jorgensen (Boxadan, Denmark), our own Jillian Knight-Messenger (Abkas, UK), Betty Stites USA who all gave a commentary on the breed in their countries. Andrew Brace (Tragband UK), well travelled International Judge and canine journalist gave an overall perspective on the international breed situation. Some of Peter Frost's comments were perceived as an attack on UK Afghans, Bo Bengston (USA) leapt to the defence of the UK. Peter Frost is scheduled to Judge Afghans in the UK in 1997, his entry and comments on the breed afterwards will be awaited with interest

In the meantime, being famous in the UK for democracy and free speech, we should note that a letter from Peter Frost's to the UK "Dog World" Canine Newspaper was published in the breed column on February 16th 1996. In his letter Peter Frost states that had there been time for questions from the floor then possibly the "confusion" caused by his comments may have been resolved. This reinforces Andrew Braces similar comment about the desirability of more interactivity at these congress's. Anyway, Peter Frost restates he did not attack the UK Afghan world but concedes on hindsight he should have clarified/ensured audience understanding that his talk was about UK Afghans of 30 years ago not UK Afghans of today.

Paul Hewitt (Australia) and Quentin La Ham, George Bell spoke on "The Afghan In Action, movement, Anatomy and Coursing". Wally Pede (Scheherezade USA) made a speech at the closing dinner .

British beurocracy excelled by impounding (imprisoning) Lotte Jorgensens's Boxadan Alexis The Bitch at Heathrow Airport en route to the congress. Apparently the crate carrying Alexis (which had been used to transport Boxadan affies all around the world), did not conform to British Standards. Not content with delaying Alexi's flight westbound, upon return, travelling eastbound (via London again) , having switched Alexi to a larger crate, it wouldn't fit through the door of the plane destined to fly from London to Copenhagen! Amongst all these difficulties Alexi apparently coped very well and managed to win reserve winners bitch at the Afghan Club Of America show. Well done to the Boxadan's for their endurance, patience and success.

The congress was surrounded by other events and shows. On the preceding Friday the Top Dogs in Top Knots competition brought together a memorable entry of Champions from around the globe. This event was won by the US bitch Ch Applause Majic Show. On the three days following the congress the AHCA ran its three day speciality show best of breed going to Ch Tryst Of Grandeur. Following the AHCA event, the next two days featured the AHC California's show

Video recordings of the congress etc are available from the organisers, and/or contact the AHCA for details.

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