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Afghan Hound Art and Antics Dogs In Hotels

Found the following amongst some old cuttings..

"A friend of mine wrote to a hotel keeper the other day to ask if it was all right to take his dog there on his holiday. This was the reply. "I have been a hotelier for over 30 years. During that time I have never had a dog in my hotel that burned the sheets, dropping a cigarette while smoking in bed. Neither has, up to now, a dog taken away ashtrays or knives as souvenirs. Also, nothing was reported to me of dogs using face towels to clean their shoes or trying to kiss the chambermaids. I have never received a complaint from any dog about service or food. In short, I have no objection against dogs at all and they are very welcome at my hotel.

If the dog will vouch for you, too, dear Sir, you are welcome also". - Anon

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