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Some of the "News" in this section may be somehat "Old". That is entirely intentional because you are in the art and antics section of this website,and we like to post silly or amusing items here...

1. Description Of The Afghan Hound, San Diego Style (January 1960)
Colmnist Scott Boyles wrote in the San Diego Evening Tribune issue dated 11th Jan 1960 about The Afghan Hound. His comments were prepared as a tribute to Ruth and Joseph Emmert and their Pamir Kennels. However, we think they are fun and re-print Mr Boyles comments here...

"An Afghan Hound looks like something thought up by Disney, produced by DeMille, powered by Convair, and styled by Dior. The thing about an Afghan Hound is, there's just not another dog like it in the canine kingdom. The rich-coated, jet-fast Asiatic rarities bedazzle at sight with their high hips, aloof, debutante-looking aristocratic air.

The Afghan certainly is not the dog for every man. It requires a great deal of care, is a large dog, reserved and independent, doesn't welcome too much attention, but is quite docile. It is not a popular dog, and probably never will be. You might say the Afghan is a breed for the dog connoiseur.

They are hardy in hot or cold climates. They can outrun a Greyhound in rough country. In their Asiatic lands of origin they are used to hunt and bring down mountain goats, leopards and even gazelles, because of their speed, shartp eyesight and amazing staying power. I have never seen anything so graceful in moton. They seem to float.

He likes people, but mature Af's often prefer to look strangrs over for a while, and to make their own overtures. Unlike many German breeds that thrive on regimentation and take commands in a robot-like manner, he prefers to think for himself, and is best controlled (for he dearly loves to run) throuugh his love. And he never loses his identity to a human being. There are a number with obedience degrees: they train readily, but with a dash of humor! While their coats do require periodic brushing, show preparation frequently is less than for short haired breeds, since no trimming is required or permitted"

Ed: Thank you Mr Boyles, that descripton was succint and brilliant!!

2. Afghan Hound key exhibit in Treason Trial (December 1960)
On October 15, 1960 the Baltimore Evening Sun in an AP release datelined Yassiada Islandm, Turkey carried the following story. "A shaggy Afghan dog dominated proceedings today at the trial of Turkey's former Goverment leaders who face death penalties on charges of violating the constitution.

The prosecution charges ex President Celal Bayer, 76, improperly used his influence to sell the dog - a gift from the King of Afghanistan - toi the Ankara zoo for 20,000 Turkish lire (1,800)

Bayer who faces far graver charges - including treason - angrily told the court yesterday to "'go ahead and put the blame for this on me" my worst punishment is being here. The prosecutors are demanding the death penalty....

A co-defendant wutg Bayer on the dog charge is former Agricultural Minister Nedim Okmen who allegedly arranged the sale.

(Breed columnist Alys S Carlsen, Alcara Kennels) added the following observation - Payola has hit the Near East! Though our breeed got the publicity in Turkey only as a tool for ridicule, if it had to be involved, at least it was for a major crime of treason! Treason or not, Bayer knows the value of an Afghan! Coupled with the fact that it was considered interesting enough to be placed in the zoo, which probably indicates the rarity of the breed in that country,

Many of us have found, over a period of years, after making efforts to obtain information from ambassadorial and other representatives of the countries in this locate, that we in North America and Europe have many more Afghans, and know more about them today, than most of the individuals in the area from which they are purpoted to have originated.

UPDATE 3/30/2010 - Ed: Well you must at least admire our thoroughness in following up on this story, even if it is 50 years late. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

On May 27, 1960 the armed forces staged a coup d’etat and sent Celal Bayar along with Adnan Menderes and some other government and party members to a military court on the tiny island Yassiada in the Sea of Marmara on June 10 of the same year. He and 15 other party members were tried for violating the constitution and sentenced to death by a kangaroo court appointed by the junta on September 15, 1961. The ruling military committee approved the death sentence for Menderes, Zorlu and Polatkan, but the punishment for Bayar and other 12 party members was commuted to life imprisonment. Bayar was sent to jail in Kayseri, but he was released on November 7, 1964 due to ill health. Bayar was "pardoned" in 1966 [2]. Full political rights were restored to him in 1974, but he declined an invitation to become a life member of the Senate, on the grounds that one can represent the people only if elected [3]. He died on August 22, 1986 in Istanbul at the age of 103.

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