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Afghan Hound Wearing Boots
Samarra Fawzia Masarra? (USA) 1959

Afghan Hound Times photo Samarra Fawzia Masarra

Caption on this photo reads

"With chins up, chests out and boots on, Afghan Hounds Fella and Fawzia take to the outdoors with owner J.J. Merkel. The boots hve a practical purpose, said Merkel, who explained they prevent ice fromm forming between the dogs's heavily furred toes".

J.J. Merkel was an active breeder in the 50's into the 60's (Kennel Name Samarra) . Going by the date of the photo, (January 1959) it's possible these two Afghans are from a litter whelped in June 1956, litter included - Samarra Caliph El Kabul (USA), Samarra Tazsara Mahal , Samarra Zedah El Shirraz, Samarra Fawzia Masarra . Pedigree of the litter below

Afghan Hound Times photo Samarra Fawzia Masarra

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