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Of Miss Caroline Hall Richmond of Los Angeles, California)
(By Steve Tillotson December 2011 with references from Lillian Goodman)
****Updated October 2013*****

Lillian Goodman's original article,was published in Our Afghans in January 2010 and is correct and accurate in its reporting. There was an earlier article published in the August 2003 edition of Our Afghans. The early article contains an error we need to be aware of. The 2003 article is headed by a photograph of Fatima provided by Margo Waskow to Our Afghans several years prior to 2003. The trouble is, the photograph that Margo Waskow provided to Our Afghans relates to an entirely different Afghan also named Fatima. You can read all about the other Fatima here. The earlier Fatima was owned by Captain F Martin of the 25th Punjabi, at Rawalpindi (India) and was born in 1907.

The Fatima we are discussing in this article was born in 1928 and imported from India to the USA. The AKC stud book states Faima was imported from India. There is some confusion about Fatima's country of origin. In the two newspaper articles below, the first says India, the second references Afghanistan. Later in this article Phyllis Robson's comments are recorded and Miss Robson states Afghanistan. We are going to stay with the AKC info and assume the correct country of origin is India, until and unless we dicover evidence to the contrary.

**************UPDATE October 1st 2013
We have found a photo of Fatima and some narrative about her origins and breeder etc. PHOTO Fatima (India) Carolyn Hall Richmond USA

*************UPDATE December 14th 2015
We recently found this newspaper archive that tells us some more about Fatima

(Part 1 is a cut and paste from the Early Afghan Hounds Page item 4 in the early section which refers to Fatima Afghan Hounds. I have since uncovered an article by Lillian Goodman on Fatima Afghans, so I lead in with my early comments, then add Ms, Goodman's and see where we go from there. Steve T Dec 2011)

**People often believe that the Afghan Hound in America were first imported by Q A Shaw Mckean (Prides Hill, Massachusetts). Prides Hill imported Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni in 1931 and Badshah Of Ainsdart in 1934. Two Afghan hounds were imported direct from Afghanistan to the USA earlier than the Prides Hill imports. There is no record on who imported these afghans. Joan Brearley "guessed" that Lawrence Peters imported these two Afghans, but there is no supporting evidence or documentation to support this, so we leave it that the importer is "unknown". In the late 1920's This unknown importer imported sisters Jamshepur Fatima and Jamshepur Souriya. Jameshepur Fatima was registered as "Fatima" and was owned by Miss Caroline Hall Richmond of Los Angeles, California. Fatima was exhibited at the Long Beach Show, California, August 10, 1929.

**Ed Note, several Afghans were imported to the USA prior to Fatima or Prides Hill, such as several imported by the Dunwalk Kennel. However these very early imports do not contribute to our breeds pedigree history so are not part of this timeline.

Afghan Hound Times - Fatima USA

The above is a photo of a painting of Fatima done by L Borman and was published in the dog press in 1939 with accompanying narrative from Phyllis Robsom the editor of UK Dog World.

"The glorious Fatima was born in Afghanistan in 1928 and is her owners friend, pride and joy. (AHT note. Fatima was registered in in the AKC stud book in May 1936. The AKC registration states Fatima was imported from India), She is a red-gold with a black mask and has the muchly desired Eastern outlook. She is a wonderful breeder, though it was not until she was 8 years of age that she had her first litter, comprising 5 males and 3 females and 4 have become champions. Miss Richmond has retained 1 son and 3 daughters which are extra good. The dog is a big smoky brindle, with a black mask. He was best of winners as a 10 months puppy at a 5 pt. show. He is 29 inches at shoulder, weighs 70 lb, yet has not a trace of coarseness, and is the most typical outstanding hound in the States to-day. Another lovely bitch is Queen of Sheba who has 6 puppies by Tufan. There is also Blue Mist of Egypt a blue chinchilla, and Fatima's Daughter Peri a chinchilla, blue and quite famous, as well as Fatima's Daughter Kushdil and Fatima's Daughter Fatima. Queen of Sheba, Blue Mist and Nadir Khan came from Afghanistan so they are a complete outcross to exportations from England". (AHT note. Blue Mist and Nadir Khan did NOT come from Afghanistan, they were USA bred our of (Tazi Of Beg Tute x Saki Of Paghman). Effectively Blue Mist and Nadir Khan are of Afghanistan lineage, but we think it important to clarify Miss Robson's statement so that readers do not misunderstand and think that these offspring were imports).

Lillian Goodman's original article, published in Our Afghans in January 2010. I may add pedigrees, photos and additional information as I develop Ms Goodman's article.

"The Fatima Kennels" by Lillian Goodman ("Our Afghans", January 2010 issue)

The first registration from this kennel came in 1936 for a fawn bitch with a black face and tip onf tail, AKC# A63544. Fatima was whelped on Jan 23, 1928 out of Khan Of Earl Soham ex Kushdill Of Earl Soham. She was bred in India by A.E. Hirsth.

Fatima - AKC Registration FATIMA AKC REG 1936

Pedigree of FATIMA (INDIA to USA)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Kahan of Earl Soham Parent Not Recorded    
Parent Not Recorded    
Kushdil Out of Earl Soham Makhmal Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  
Peri Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  

Her first litter with Ch Tufan Of Ainsdart was whelped on January 8 1936 (and registered with the AKC in June of 1936), and produced three champions. Oddly, their names were preceded by the "son" or "daughter" - apparently their legal names.... so here they are

Fatima's Daughter Fatima AKC A74427 Fawn
AM CH Fatima's Daughter of Kushdil AKC A74429 Black mask
AM CH Fatima's Daughter Peri AKC A74428 Blue Black mask
Fatima's Son Nadir Khan AKC A74423 Fawn Black mask
Fatima's Son Sidar Khan AKC A74426
Fatima's Son Tamerlane Khan AKC A74425 Fawn
AM CH Fatima's Son Tufan Khan AKC A74424 Fawn

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Tufan of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  
Ku-Mari of Kaf Bm Ch Taj Mahip of Kaf Bm Khym Bm
Daghai Bm
Sonee Bm Ooty Bm
Ch Ranee Bm
Fatima (afghanistan Us) Kahan of Earl Soham Parent Not Recorded  
Parent Not Recorded  
Kushdil Out of Earl Soham Makhmal Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded
Peri Parent Not Recorded
Parent Not Recorded

Interestingly, in 1930, at the Los Angeles K.C.Show, Fatima was shown and took second place although she was not registered until she was due to whelp her only registered litter at eight years of age. Fatima's registration was recorded in the AKC Stud Book in May, 1936

Fatima was originally shown as "Jemshepur Fatima", along with her litter sister "Jemshepur Souriya" -- both entered at the Long Beach KC Show on 8/10/1929. There apparently was no futher mention of Souriya, and she was never registered

But back to Fatima's offspring. On July 5, 1939, a litter was born to Nadir Khan (#A232676) ex Fatima's daughter Peri) -- who delivered 9 puppies on July 5, 1939

Fatima's Hassan Esh Sheik AKC A361336 Gray, dog
Fatima's Little Egypt AKC A361342 Fawn Black Mask, bitch
Fatima's MaKhmal Khan AKC A361339 Fawn Black mask, dog, went to Sunny Shay (Grandeur)
Fatima's Mohammed Esh Sheik AKC A361338 Gray, dog
Fatima's Nur Jahan AKC A361344 Red Black mask , bitch
Fatima's Omar Khayyam AKC A361337 Fawn Black mask, dog
Fatima's Queen Of Sheba AKC A361143 Cream, bitch, went to Dr Fank Porter Miller
Fatima's Shah Jahan AKC A361141 Gray, dog
Fatima's Tamerlane Khan AKC A361340 1939/07/05 Cream, dog

Finally, in December of 1941, Caroline Hall Richmond was listed in the AKC Stud Book as the breeder of a litter out of Ch Fatima's Son Tufan Khan ex Queen Of Sheba (#A527953) a red bitch named Fatima's Rani-Astara (#A527953) who went to Mr and Mrs Frank Gilbert -- and was the only offspring listed in the AKC studbook from this litter. It was also the last Af to be registered with the Fatima name.

Nadir Khan (born 3/8/1937) and Queen Of Sheba (Born 6/1/1936 - NOT to be confused with "Fatima's Queen Of Sheba", an entirely different Afghan. This Queen Of Sheba was bred by Lawrence Peters from his imports Tazi Of Beg Tute and Saki Of Paghman). Nadir and Sheba were both owned by Elise Richmond Cochran - probably a relative of Ms. Richmond. Both Nadir and Sheba were registered in the AKC Stud Book in May of 1938. These two were mated (so brother/sister mating, albeit it from different litters, but same parents) and produced a litter on July 24 1938, only one from the litter was registered - Fatima's Rani-Astara a red bitch (#A527953 who was acquired by Mr and Mrs Frank Gilbert.

After these litters, Mrs Richmond left the dog scene. Selling Ch Fatima's Son to Dr and Mrs Harry Marxmiller (Dellire Kennels), he was bred twice to Ch Dura Of Prides Hill, producing three champions; Dura Marmora of Dellire, Jehenara of Dellire and Tirana of Dellire. Tirana prouced a champion son, Black Sultan of Dellire (out of Kushdil Of Dellire).

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