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Expedition to Afghanistan
(By Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach
Published in "Our Afghans" May/June 2011)

Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach's import lines have been incorporated into the breeding program of Daruma Afghan Hounds, Switzerland. This is an extremely interesting kennel to study. Consider this pedigree

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Int Fcl Multi Ch Daruma A Motec Zuma Int Fcl Aus Hun Ch Dali Daruma El Aramis Am Ch Pahlavi Puttin On The Ritz Shirkden Shazam
Am Ch Alarickhans Jehada Pahlavi
Queen Binte Von Der Irminsul Dt Ch Nightwatch Vail Summit
Dt Ch Binte Von Der Irminsul
Hun Ch Faricka Jeftalh Jefta Hun Ch Mohahazy Nizar Nurradin Hun Ch Faisal Von Katwiga
Hun Ch Timuka Von Katwiga
Hun Ch Hella Mariental Moravia of Faricka Bravo Kontrapunkt
Brisca Kramolinka
Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah Kharmon of Ghazni Us Parjuam of Ghazni Us Am Ch Ben Ghazi's The Silver Shadow
Shrinagar of Ghazni Us Hc804820
Dumay's Aondromeda of Ghazni Us Am Ch Elmos Tyrone of Druid Glen
Ansari of Ghazni Us
Turkuman Wild Swan Lily Turkuman Nissim King Solomons Golden V Kalabraki Shades of Topaz Or K. baguira
Turkuman Flame Azalea D'afghan
Turkuman Ajman Shah-Tut Ajman Shukna of Zadal
*****Alaf Shirin of Jagai

We have highlighted in white the Ghazni ancestors included in this pedigree.

***Also look at the ancestor, bottom of the pedigree (Alaf Shirin of Jagai), also highlighted in white. This line includes Daphne Gie's (UK) Afghanistan import line. Chipak Barqaki. See previous page for Chipak Barqak's pedigree

As I mentioned above, the Daruma kennel is extremely interesting. The breeders have blended some very influential German lines, including Von Katwiga, Von Der Irminsul, wth some modern USA lines such as Pahlavi and some earlier USA lines such as Ben Ghazi. Additionally Daruma breeding includes the final Turkuman bred line via Nuh Belae Turkuman Hennah, plus Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach's Afghanistan import lines, and Daphne Gie's Afghanistan lines. Surely one of the most unique bloodlines in the world, one which preserves some essence of lines long since lost to the breed. We hope to add to this article in the near future and gain more knowledge and understanding on the Daruma kennel

Steve Tillotson, Dec 2011

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