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Daphne Gie 2-1-1928 - 19-7-2010
Jagai Afghan Hounds, UK and Australia
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Daphne acquired her first Afghan Hound Avia Of Pushtikuh in 1946 and was given to her by a friend. Daphne writes that when she moved south to live in Kent she took Avia with her and Avia "became one of the local characters, very handsome, enormously coated and aloof and he excited heaps of atttention and admirers whilst striking terror into the faint hearted"

Daphne's next Afghan Hound was Bletchingly Sundar whch she purchased from Peggy Riley. Sundar was litter sister to CH Bletchingley Saluna and Bletchingley Ragman Of Scheherezade. Daphne also owned another from this Bletchigley litter - the dog Bletchingley Woodman who she had rescued in a bad state after he had escaped his kennel area when a gate had been blown down and been shot by a farmer for sheep worrying..

The first Jagai litter involved the mating of Rech El Badia to Sundar and produced "three delightful little devils" Red Devil, Dust Devil, Fire Devil of Jagai. PHOTO Daphne Gie Jagai PHOTO Daphne Gie Jagai

Around this time Daphne became engaged to Richard who bought her Nishtar Of Khorrassan which Daphne describes as "lovely, outgoing, honey cream who came to be the lovliest brood bitch imaginable". Nishtar produced the most handsome, well fed puppies with fabulous temprements". Daphne's wedding present was Indira Of Khorrassan.

The second Jagai litter involved the mating of Nishtar to Ch Pasha Of Carloway. Interestingly, just a few weeks prior to Daphne's passing, she and I were in an email dialogue regarding her Afghanistan imports and were also discussing Khorrasan. Daphne wrote to me "I must have been the only person crazy enough to mate a Khorrassan to a Carloway. (These two kennels (Khorrassan - Miss Eileen Snelling, Carloway - Mrs Sheila Devitt Gilleny) both started in Afghan Hounds around 1943 and were very fierce competitors, no love lost between them. These two ladies dominated the breed throughout the 50's into the 60's, and generaly speaking the two kennels bloodlines were not mixed. So for Daphne to mate one to the other, was a very radical decision at that time).

Back to the mating of Nishtar and Pasha - the litter produced 11 puppies and Daphne kept Jehan Of Jagai, but she had bad luck in that Jehan broke his leg before his first show. However a litter mate Janus of Jagai was returned to Daphne because he was so mischevous. Janus won several Best Of Breed and several Reserve Challenge Certificates. Daphne was struck with further bad luck when Janus was diagnosed with Hip Displaysia one side, diagnosed by the Vet as the result of an encounter with a motir vehicle. However, as this could not be proven, Daphne did the honourable thing, reported the matter to the Afghan Hound Association and retired him from the show ring.

Prior to the diagnosis and whilst still being showed, Janus sired a litter by Indira Of Khorrassan. One of this litter (Pushan Of Jagai) was exported to Canada where he gained his Canadian title.

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