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UPDATE 7/21/10 we received further information about the Hyland painting from Jess Ruffner-Booth ( - According to "British Dogs, Their Points, Selection, And Show Preparation", by W. D. Drury, 1903, the pictured dogs are Muckmul and Mooroo II, imported by Major Mackenzie.

Link to publication/reference and The Barukhzy And Allied Eastern Hounds (Thank you Jess for the info and link)

The same publication includes the following - Barukhzy Hounds Muckmul and Mooroo ! II.

Some authorities are inclined to regard this hound as but a sub-variety of the Persian Greyhound - a dog that varies much as to coat character. Specimens of this graceful variety are comparatively rare in England. The Persian Greyhound is of similar type to our Greyhound, but more slimly built, and wanting the great muscular development that the latter possesses. These dogs differ from our Greyhounds also in having the ears larger, drooping, and heavily feathered. The fore-legs, thighs, and tail are also well fringed. The coat is somewhat silky in texture, and not so abundant upon the back and at the sides.

These hounds are employed in hunting the gazelle, an interesting account of which sport appeared in the Field some years ago. For this purpose they are used in relays, a custom that at one time obtained in this country in deer-hunting.

Original Posting By Steve Tillotson below-

We don't know too much about the artist - B A Hyland. What we know is the B stands for Benedict and that the artist is female and lived from 1840 through the late 1800's. Hyland was renowned for her canine paintings and became well known and respected in her field. The above is a reproduction of an original oil on canvas.

What is of particular interest to me is the date of this illustration - 1888. Noting that the Afghan Hound didn't appear in the west until the early 1900's, it is both surprising and interesting that the artist had some knowledge or sight of the breed in the 1880's.

Hutchinsons Enclycopedia Of The Dog (1935) includes a photo (below) of an Afghan Hound from the 1880's. This Afghan Hound is named Rajah II and was owned by Mr F Carter in England. I''m still pondering how B A Hyland would have had sight of, or knowledge of The Afghan Hound 30-40 years before the founding imports (Ghazni and Bell Murray) arrived in the west (England). Perhaps Hutchinsons gives us a clue. It seems to me there is quite a similarity between the Hyland painting and this photo from Hutchinsons. Maybe Hyland painted her Afghan Hounds after having seen an early photograph? Just a guess/theory

Another Painting by Hyland

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