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With thanks to Danuta Spaeth-Tomaszewska, "Registan Kennels" (Switzerland) and Ortrud W Roemer-Horn (Germany) for the information and translation below.

Dog with the typical aspect of an Asiatic sighthound; deep and very expressive oriental looks; the character is haughty, independent, distrustful towards strangers, but affectionate and deeply attached to beings living with him. Morphology and gait find their root in the desertic steppes of Afghanistan in which the breed evolves as a sight hunter

HEAD Well chiselled, dry, long and light. Length of the skull is equal to the length of the muzzle. Skull moderately broad, flat, lightly falling towards the zygomatic arches; orbitary apohysis and frontal crest slightly protruding; interorbitary furrow is marked; stop is lightly accented, occiput is apparent. Muzzle is light, chiselled, the bone structure of jaws, the blood vessels are lightly apparent; incisive teeth are in scissors; Nose black or liver. Eyes pretty large, from dark brown to clear brown, in the shape of an obliquely placed triangle; look is full of expression. Ears are light, falling down, mobile, covered with long silky hair, attached at eyes level; when on the watch, they are erected at their base and carried forward.

NECK Long, muscled, carried forward in action.

BODY Line of the back is slightly arched in the lumbar part; loin well muscled and very souple; illiac crests are well apart and prominent; rump is well muscled, strong and placed obliquely, chest moderately deep, hardly reaches the leel of the elbows.

FORE-HAND Shoulders flat, dry, oblique; arms are placed slightly ahead of the dog, well muscled; the angle between shoulder-bone and humerus is well open. Fore-arm long, slightly stretched forward; elbows parallel. Pasterns with much elasticity, long and inclined. Feet slightly divergent. Fingers long, strong, well arched.

Euderuni Chirin Registan and Farah Talayi Registan
both born in 1985, shown at 2 years

Fateh Ouriouk Registan, 8 yrs and Fawzia-Hari-Chalvari Registan, born 7/87

Well muscled; thigh and leg long, dry, coxo-femoral and hock angles well open; thigh-bone is almost vertical; hock is pretty high, vertical.

Attahed and carried rather low; carried over the line of the back in moments of excitement; it ends in an open or closed ring; lower part is garnished with a fringe of hair

Elegant and light. Movement is harmonious and in full control. The lightly diverging feet and flexibility between shoulder and arm provoke a careless proceeding and a slightly swinging gait when looked at in front

Long, silky, light and delicate in texture hair covers the ears, occiput, arms, fore-arms to their middle, legs. Neck, shoulders, back upper part of thigh, pasterns and hocks are covered with a smooth silky hair. Hair is long between fingers. The ribs of adults are covered with a scarce long hair or with smooth hair. Females have a typical tendency to lose their long hair on the body two months after heat. This momentary loss can extend to the point that only a few tufts of long hair are remaining at the level of the elbows and legs

Any colour

Dogs 65 - 74 cm
Bitches 60 - 68 cm

Ladja-Ward Registran (b) born 1987 at 2-1/2 yrs
Kizab, Keyhan, Kehtari, Kalaban, Katoun, the Registan "K" liter, born 1991, at two years

Keyhan Registan and Kirzab Registan

"Our Afghans" Vol #3 No 9, Sept 2000
All Photographs Mrs Danuta Spaeth-Thomaszewska

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