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Larkbeare (Ms Clara Bowring)

Larkbeare was the kennel of Ms Clara Bowring who selected two Afghan Hounds whilst visiting India in 1924. Ms Bowring imported the dog Shahjehan Of Larkbeare and the bitch Jahanara Of Larkbeare. Ms Bowring did breed one litter from these imports and advertised Shahjehan available for stud but there are no records of breeding this line beyond the one litter. Shahjehan Of Larkbeare was eventually exported to the USA but does not figure in the pedigree history there. Larkbeare is one of the first, if not the first kennels to actually breed in England what we know for sure were true Afghan Hound type, but sadly the lines do not exist in our pedigree history.

Ms Bowring was also a founder member and treasurer of the first Afghan Hound breed club the "Afghan Hound Club" which drew up the first breed standard in 1925, based on Zardin, and drawn up entirely by Bell Murray enthusiasts.

Click Here For Steve Tillotson Canine Chronicles article (PDF) on Ms Bowring and her Larkbeare

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