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Clara Bowring's Larkbeare (India/UK) Afghan Hounds
(by Steve Tillotson, 2012)

Afghan Hound Times Photo - Clara Bowring's Larkbeare (India/UK) 1924

In May 2011 I wrote an article for the Canine Chronicles on the subject of Clara Bowring and her Larkbeare (UK) Afghan Hounds, Click here to view the article (pdf format). This was a very time consuming and challenging project because so little is written in the breed about Ms Bowring. Research took several months and I had to go out of country and into other breed (historians) to obtain information and photos included in the linked Canine Chronicles article.

Update 15/5/2012 - I am very excited to have received from Patricia Egan, Ascent Afghan hounds (Australia) a photograph of Ms Bowring and two of her Larkbeare Afghan Hounds. This is the first photograph I have ever seen of Larkbeare Afghan hounds. So a big thank you to Patricia for sharing. Shahjehan Of Larkbeare ended his days in California, USA and was shown at the St Francis Drake Dog Show in the Bay area. I have enquire of the dog show society for details of Shahjean at their show and await a response. Steve Tillotson May 2012

Click Here For Canine Chronicles Larkbeare article PDF

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