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Afghan Hound Club Of America
National Speciality 2010

The overall layout comprises of outer perimiter of bedroom blocks in a square configuration, inside which is an inner perimiter configuration of bedroom blocks arranged in a circle. Inside that circle is "The Courtyard" (An inner ring with a grass centerpiece ' "The Showground"). Viewing the green circle (The Showground), imagine it is a clock face and we'll attempt to describe where other features were located.

  • AHCA Judge/Stewards tent located top center (12 o'clock position)
  • Tent/Shade for Exhibits in the ring at the 10 o'clock position
  • Dogs entered the ring from the 12 o'clock position, made an anti-clockwise circuit of the show ring and lined up in ring number order, first exhibit at about 1 o'clock position, rest of exhibits falling in behind the first exhibit (so basically top to bottom down the right hand side of the ring as you look at the diagram.)
  • Exhibitor setups/tents/canopy's situated all around the show ring between the show ring and inner ring bedroom block
  • AHT reporter (Steve T) located bottom of show ring at about 6.30 o'clock position
  • Gilbert K9 Judges/Mentoring located bottom, middle left at about 8.00 o'clock position
  • Vendor settups in a tent behind the AHCA tent at about 1-2 o'clock position
  • Official Photographers/Videographers (2 I saw) located at (1st) 7 o.clock and (2nd) at 4 o'clock positions
  • AHCA vendor tent was at about 3.30 o'lock position, selling sweatshirts etc

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