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Role of Honor Winners 1940-1997 (Main)

This was a very special edition produced by OA in November 1998. The cover page featured a great photo of Sunny Shay (Grandeur) and Kay Finch (Crown Crest). Inside the copy are photographs of every AHCA speciality winner from 1940 through to 1997. There is also an informative article by Ruth Weddle entitled "AHCA Specialities - A Brief History". We have reproduced this special edition here on the website. Compilation of this special edition was an International effort and involved Ruth Weddle as project leader, assisted by Steve Tillotson (Afghan Hound Times) , then living in England, assisted by Jill Croft of JC Graphics, also in England. Jill is a graphic designer and helped assemble the photographs. It's a special edition, and now you can enjoy the on-line version here.

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Our Afghans Special - AHCA Speciality Role Of Honour 1940-1997

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