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Capt W Lewis Renwick
(By Steve Tillotson, 2013)

Capt W Lewis Renwick was one of the early breeder-exhibitors in the mid 1920's in England. He owned and exhibited the bitch Watford Lou Lou who was born 1927/03/26 bred by Mrs Isobel Bradshaw Wahsdarb. Lou Lou was part of an important litter (which bore the Ghazni affix, but was actually bred by Mrs Bradshaw) and which contained several influential afghan hounds, including -

Elsa Of Ghazni, an important Ghazni dam
Kymn (who is behind some Westmill and Jalalabad breeding)
Sada Of Ghazni
Seyyid Of Wahsdarb.

Seyyid Of Wahsdarb Photo Seyyid Of Washdarb

The litter was sired by Khan Of Ghazni who is reputed to have carried the blue colour pattern genes and photos of Khan reveal silver patterning on is coat and on his ears. You can see a similar silver patterning on Seyyid's ears which presumably came down from Khan.

Watford Lou Lou Photo Watford  Lou Lou

Capt W Lewis Renwick was also active in the world of greyhound racing and he triggered a controvesy by his writings in 1930, see below clipping

Seyyid Of Wahsdarb Capt W Lewis Renwick

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