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Shahzada (Recently discovered photograph dated 1896)
Crufts 1895/1896

April 2012 - We were very excited to find the photo below of Shahzada taken in 1896 which was unknown to us previously. Likely this is the first time in over 100 years this photograph has been seen. Enjoy!

Afghan Hound Times - Shahzada photograph dated 1896

Crufts 1895/1895

Early Afghan Hounds -  Shahzada, Crufts 1895/1895

Above is shown the catalogue entry for Shahzada 1895 and 1896. You will notice that in 95 he was entered under his original name of "Gazelle" and in 96 he was entered as "Shahzada"

****June 2015 update - I recently revisited this page, and allthough the information that came with the above photo of Shahzada stated this was the Shahzada owned by Mrs de la Motte (of Razmak) I am not entirely convinced that information is correct.

I recently posted the following on FB to help clarify the confusion over the various Shahzada's an Shah's -


A famous name in Afghan hounds, about which there is multiple confusion

1. SHAHZADA c 1896
This is the Shahzada owned by Mrs Whitbread that ultimately ended up as a stuffed exhibit in the British Museum and does not contribute to our breeds breeding history

1.1 Shahzada owned by Mrs Whitbread
1.2 Shahzada and Mooroo

2. SHAH 1884
This is the Shah owned by Mr D Thomas Parry and exhibited in 1884
as a Persian Greyhound and does not contribute to our breeds breeding history

2.1 Shah owned by Mr D Thomas Parry

This is the Afghan Greyhound/Persian Greyhound owned by Major Mackenzie and does not contribute to our breeds breeding history

3.1 Muckmul/Mustapha/Shah

4. SHAHZADA c 1924
This is the Shahzada that does contribute to our breeding history. This Shahzada was originally owned by Mrs de la Motte (of Razmak) and imported from Afghanistan along with Afroz. Shahzada and Afroz are the parents of UK Ch Alfreda who was the dam of Amanullah a very important hound bred by Miss Simmons (Bericote) and is behind the famous Chaman kennel

The photo set below shows Whitbreads Shahzada and Mckenzie's Mustapha/Muckmal/Shah The photo of Whitbread's Shahzada was supposedly taken in 1896 where Whitbread's Shahzada was shown at Crufts


5.1 Photo Confusion photo confusion Shahzada or Shahzada

The photo of Shahzada is so similar to the right hand pair of Mckenzie's Mustapha/Muckmal/Shah I am not sure if this is another case of mistaken identify?

Not only do we have to contend with mistaken identity in photographs, there is also confusin over some illustrations -

5.1 Shahzada Illustration by R H Moore

For sure we know that Shahzada (of Razmak) imported by Mrs de la Motte is the one that contributes to our breeds breeding history. We have no authenticated photos or illustrations of Mrs de la Motte's Shahzada
Steve T

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