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Sinbad The Goat/Afghan Hound

Hitchhiking Doughnut Shopping Afghan -

Sinbad was owned by Astrid Pryor in California USA.Whilst living in Carmel, Sinbad used to go to the Safeway store, wait outside until someone triggered the automatic doors, sneak in, steal a box of a dozen powdered doughnuts,eat 10 (so Sinbad can count too!) and bring the last two over to Astrid's office in the (unmangled except for getting a corner open) box.

Tennis fan and Hitchiker -

Sinbad had the trick of going to the local tennis club about 5 miles away, he hitchiked (Astrid swears this is true), lying down and growling in the middle of the court until decoyed off with a steak.

Mistaken Identity, Hells Angels -Sinbad was a large cream male, and was once mistaken for a mountain goat by some very drunk Hells Angels. They'd never seen a (dog) like that and considering that Astrid and other other lady were tending bar at the only building for several miles in the middle of Lower Nowhere and could not hold the crowd in any sort of control and that what Sinbad had done to get her attention was pretty horrible, she did not point out the error or her ownership.

***Mistaken Identity - continued.

The following continuation of the mistaken identiy saga was witheld by our Californian correspondent for the meritorious reasons of moderation and decency. However, in the spirit of "publish and be dammed" we think the whole story just has to be told, so here goes..."Worried about about what would happen to Sinbad with the drunken bikers, Astrid had locked him into her room for the duration. She was on the second floor of the bar building. It had a sort f porch, the roof of which was just outside Astrid's window, and which was slightly slanted down away from the building. Well, Sinbad had dinner up there and went to sleep for a while. Meanwhile, the bikers are having their dinner, on long picnic tables, just the other side of the porch, in the open air. Some time during dinner, Sinbad needed to do what all good dogs need to do, and being housetrained to a farethewell, climbed ouf of the window onto the porch roof to do it. He did, and went back into the room. Gravity worked, as it will, and this rolled off the roof onto the plate of one of the drunken bikers. He did not see this happen, but did notice the result, and grabbed the guy across from. beating him to a reasonable facsimile of a pulp. The attackee was screaming the whole time ""it wasn.'t me, man, it was the xxxxxxx mountain goat on the roof"". One or two other people supported the mountain goat theory, but the man whose dinner was ruined never did believe in it, and all things considered, having a mountain goat on the roof was pretty unlikely." And you can see why Astrid didn't want to be connected with the critter or even admit it was a dog....

The Burglar -

I think Sinbad was the Afghan who offered to eat a burglar for Astrid once. She was living alone in a small house, and someone broke in. The way I remember it, Sinbad had the burglar pinned into a corner terrified and held him until she woke up and called the police. Affies never get credit for anything like that. The correspondent for this story commetns "I dropped something once and let out a real scream, probably the first one they (her own Afghans) had ever heard from me and instantly had one dog on each side, hackels up, saying - whatever it is, we'll kill it for you!.

The Port Sault Cheese-eater -

One day Astrid got a call from a neighbour demanding 40 dollars. Big money to Astrid back then. So Astrid asked reasonably enough "Why" Neighbour replied "Your dog ate a whole wheel of Port Sault cheese I bought for a party". Astrid - "Why'd you leave it out/?". Neighbour "I didn't, it was in my kitchen, in the refrigerator. So Astrid played her one and only other chance to get out of this - "What makes you so sure its MY dog?". Unfortunately, Sinbad was asleep on the wrapper in the neighbours kitchen, being cooled off by the open refrigerator...

Sinbad eventually moved in with some rich people who let him ride in the front seat of their MG TF. He was living a double life -- with them days while Astrid was at work, and nights with her, but when she had to leave Carmel, he ended up staying

Thanks to Astrid Pryor for the above stories.. 1996

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