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Article originally provided by Ortrud.Roemer-Horn, Germany, 1998 (
We updated this page by adding some photo's March 2010

Turkuman Nissim’s Laurel was born in England 30 October 1945. His breeder was Juliette de Bairacli-Levi who did scientific research since 1937 to find out how one could prevent distemper by rearing a dog "naturally“. And because Afghans seemed to be a very "natural“ breed to her, she choser them. She became famous for her book and articles about "Natural Rearing" and to us Afghan people through her Turkuman Afghans.

Here are two photographs of Turkukman Nissim's Laurel
(Photo of Turkukman Nissim's Laurel property of Cynthia Boissevain (Branwen) from the collection of Ignacio of Sumava Persians and Afghan Hounds and used with Ignacio's permission. Please do not copy or take.) PHOTO  Turkuman Nissims Laurel PHOTO  Turkuman Nissims Laurel

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Chota Nissim of Ringbank Turkuman Pomegranate Turkuman Bamboo (late Black Sampson) Ch Westmill Tamasar
Turkuman Lotus Blossom Westmill Delawar Khan
Marie of Valdorern
Turkuman Night-Flowering Cactus Kashibi Khan of Kuranda Kulli Khan of Kuranda
Lakmina Or Jahmina of Ariana
Bibi of Pushtikuh Westmill Fasano And Tetrarch of Cheltside
Rasti of Istalif
Ch Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn Turkuman Pomegranate Turkuman Bamboo (late Black Sampson) Ch Westmill Tamasar
Turkuman Lotus Blossom Westmill Delawar Khan
Marie of Valdorern
Golden Ranee Kassar Khan Sia Gavih of Pushtikuh
Garrymhor Rayshum
Tullah of Pushtikuh (late Kandahar Tullah) Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Rasti of Istalif

Sunny Shay with Turkuman Nissims Laurel PHOTO Sunny Shay with Turkuman Nissims Laurel

Ch. Nissim’s Laurel dam was Ch. Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn bred by Mrs. Polson, owner Mrs. Abson and Chota Nissim of Ringbank was his stud. Nissim’s Laurel was exported to Sunny Shay’s world famous GRANDEUR kennels (now R. Rechler). He was in the ownership of Sunny Shay and Sol Malkin. He became a "shooting star“ and achieved his U.S. championship very quickly.

He was a top winner in the fifties and one of his greatest wins were the BOB at the 1950 AHC American Speciality under one of the most respected judges in these days, Mr. Alva Rosenberg. He was the first Afghan who won the hound group at Westminster KC in the same year.

Sunny Shay with Turkuman Nissims Laurel PHOTO Sunny Shay with Turkuman Nissims Laurel

Like his mother, Ch. Turkumans Nissim’s Laurel, was a black with white feet. The markings could have gone up to the pastern of his front feet, when one lookes at old photos, but he also had a white mark in his face, a common thing at the Turkumans!

Ch. Turkuman Nissim’s Laurel produced some very fine dogs for Sunny Shay. Shirkans daughters were bred to him and to mention only one of the all time greats in US, who carry his gene, I would like to point out his great-grandson Ch. Holly Hill Desert Wind.

			Am Ch Taj Akbaruu of Grandeur
		Am Can Ch Blue Boy of Grandeur
			Am Ch Khanhasset Ginger of Grandeur
	Am Ch Khabiri of Grandeur
			Am Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel
		Kushani of Grandeur
			Lost Acres Beebe of Grandeur
Am Ch Holly Hill Desert Wind
			Am Ch Zaadulla of Arthea
		Am Ch Zaamakuri of Ghazni Us
			Winonie of Ghazni Us
	Am Ch Samaris of Moornistan
			Am Ch Majara Mihrab
		Am Ch Maymun of Moornistan
			Djaji Or Djadji Von Falkenwalde

Mrs. Cynthia Madigan Boissevain gott to know Sunny Shay in 1950, made friends with her, and to cut a long story short, bought a grandaughter from Nissim’s Laurel. This was the beginning of the BRANWEN kennels in Spain and the way the Shirkhan blood came to Europe and Nissim’s Laurel got "back“ to England via the KHANABAD kennels of Margaret Niblock.

Photo (Left) Khanabad Branwen Sheen Khalifa and Khurram (both standing). Photo (Right) Branwen Sheen Taufaan
Photos provided by
Sue Virgo

			Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur
		Am Ch Cammak's Pa'yunga of Grandeur
			Am Ch Silver Pearl of Grandeur
	Branwen Kadar
			Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur
		Torka El Haiwa of Grandeur
			Sheba of Grandeur
Khanabad Branwen Sheen Khurram
			Am Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel
		Am Ch Hajji Baba of Grandeur
			Am Ch Zala of Grandeur
	Branwen Karuna of Grandeur
			Nissim of Grandeur
		Kushtar of Grandeur
			Hakia of Grandeur

Juliette de B.-L. left Britain shortly after the Nissim’s Laurel litter, lived in Israel, breeding Afghans, lived on a Greek island, breeding Afghans, reared them "naturally“, travelled a lot around the world, and became "The Legend“ that is Turkuman.

We understand that "Nissim" was the name of Juliette's brother who was killed in the Spanish Civil War and Juliette perpetuated his name by including it in the name of some of the Turkuman's.

Ortrud.Roemer-Horn, Germany, 1998

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