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Mrs Howard Gibson
(UK Acklam Afghan Hounds)
(By Steve Tillotson and Lyall Payne October 2014) Page 31

Considering the aforementioned difficulties and challenges faced by Mrs Gibson, and noting that she only ever sold one hound (Amanullah Khan of Acklam ), the influence of her small kennel is "significant" -
Acklam hounds 1948 PHOTO Acklam Group photo 1948

It's difficult to summarize in a few words the signifgance upon the breed of just one kennel. But, "if" one kennel in the world is more significant than any other, then, in my view, that kennel is Molly Sharpe's Chaman kennel.In the Chaman project pages I wrote the following - "As Molly edged towards the 1950's we see a pivotal change, litters by an outside stud used on three different Chaman bitches. I think we can safely assume that Molly appreciated the stud dog, and this must have been a definite move to secure the stud dogs lines into her breeding pool. The stud dog was Mohammed Ali Of Acklam. Interestingly Mohammed Ali only sired 4 litters - all Chaman. He was bred by Mrs Howard Gibson (Acklam),".

My logic flow is this, "if" Chaman was that important, and "if" Mohammed Ali Of Acklam was so important/influential to Chaman breeding, then Acklam must also be important and significant to the breed via the Chaman, and I believe that to be the case. To avoid duplication of content I will not be quantifying Mohammed Ali Of Acklam's influence on the breed in these Acklam pages, Please click on the link to the Molly Sharp Pages Link to read the details. The only breeder that used Mohammed Ali Of Acklam was Molly Sharpe.

The second but also important Acklam influence was the dog Amanullah Khan of Acklam, originally sold to Madame Deckers (Bagdad kennels, Antwerp, Belgiu), who was later sold on to Ingrid Trolle oF el Khandahar kennels, Sweden. Mme Deckers also imported Suki Of Chaman from Molly Sharpe in Scotland and bred one litter out of Suki, sired by Amanullah Khan of Acklam in 1949. Sometime after this breeding Mme Deckers also exported Suki Of Chaman to Ingrid Trolle in Sweden. Mme Deckers also imported the dog Taj Akali Of Chaman and bred a litter out of Suki in 1948. Mme Decker appears to have retained Taj Akali.

Mme Deckers with Taj Akali Of Chaman and Suki of Chaman. PHOTO Mme Deckers Belgium  Chaman/Acklam hounds

Mme Deckers appears to have bred just one litter (a litter of 8 pups) from Amanullah on 30/1/1949 before he exported to Sweden -

Bagdad Litter 30/1/1949 PEDIGREE Bagdad Y'Hamanullah

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