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Life in Afghanistan 1878 (a letter to home)
(By Steve Tillotson November 2013)

Crossing A Rope Bridge

I like to encourage visitors to read books/articles about the history of Afghanistan, especially 19th century writings because such writings provide 'context" to the environment from whence our breed originates.

I previously posted an interesting article - "A Brief Sketch Of Afghanistan/Pakistan/India History" from which the above rope bridge image was taken and which readers may find enlightening. I recently came across a letter written to home on Christmas Day 1878 by an officer serving in Jallalabad in which he describes "life in Afghanistan". A scan of the article is shown below.

In this article, the author, A British Officer describes the march of an infantry brigade going up a mountain track in single file. The line of military extended for some 3 miles. While this was a large force it was also a very vulnerable force as the Tribesman always had the high ground, from which they could fire down upon the infantry or hurl boulders/rocks upon them. Physical might of force was no guarantee of victory.. The officer describes the hardships of sleeping on hard/cold ground while he awaits for a small hut and bed to be built for him. Imagine what it was like for the foot soldiers, sleeping under a tent and having been given "extra sacks" to keep the cold out.

I doubt very much that any of these military people would have been too concerned to be on the lookout for Afghan hounds, to capture or acquire them and take them back to the likes of Major Amps or Major Bell Murray. Priority was...military victory and... survival Life In Afghanistan 1878

(c) Steve Tillotson November 2013

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