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(With thanks and acknowledgement to the Henry Dietzgen Archives Collection)
and Rik Mcdowell (Panache Afghan Hounds) for
The stunning report below Rik wrote 50 years after the show!

Rik Mcdowell reports on , Afghan Hound Club Of America 1959 Shirkhan Of Grandeur 1959 AHCA BOB

(Judge Cyrus Rickel)

OK. HUGE GIANT NEWS! I already put up the wonderful image of Shirkhan from the 1959 AHCA National Specialty catalog (generously gifted from Henry Dietzgen - hope you have some more care packages before you make the big move back to your homeland) and now I have looked further inside. It is very foxed and mildewy (and smelly) but I am going to be spending the next week scanning the entire catalog and posting it here but also uploading it to my Dropbox so those that are interested may download higher resolution versions of the famous catalog. Among those that MIGHT be interested are Michael Canalizo Susan Sprung and Janice L. Sullivan.

Shirkhan won the breed of course. But guess who was WD under Cyrus Rickel?? OK I will tell you. DIABLO OF GRANDEUR, that's who. Owned by Cynthia Madigan. Other interesting entries included Larch Tree of Grandeur who was bred by Cissy Froelich and won 1st place in Novice for owner Sunny Shay herself. (His sire Kakashah Larch Tree was the sire of Diablo of G!)

Most interestingly is a certain dog listed in American Bred: one Pharoah of Grandeur with Vincent Reich, Jr listed as owner and Sunny as breeder. Pharoah is either misspelled or a typo. Further more he is NOT Branwen Pharaoh of Grandeur so the photo that we put up a couple days ago as him is NOT him but a different dog so will have to take the photo down from AHI pending further investigation.

In the catalog his sire is listed as Taj Akbar of Grandeur x Golden Tara of Grandeur. So the mess gets messier. The birthday is listed as May 1, 1956. HOWEVER Ch Golden Tara of Grandeur is in the Database - with a very old Grandeur pedigree - and there is a supposed brother listed named Khandahar Khanc of Grandeur.

Another mystery is that Taj Akbar and Taj Akbaruu have the same photo so one is obviously wrong. Curiouser and curiouser. Moonshyn of Moornistan won 6 -9 PDs and his sister Asia won in puppy bitches. Eljac's Dragon Lady of Dureigh won BBE bitches - anyone else getting interested?

With Estioc El Malika going WB and BW and BOS. From the 9 - 12 PB came RWB none other than Charaj El Sheba bred and owned by Bob Stein with his father Fred. Jerry Klein? Rachel Irvin? Helen Winski Stein?

Brassy's sister Akaba's Shara of Grandeur was fourth in that puppy class. Nanci Alderman? Jui of Grandeur was not placed in Open she being the dam of the immortal Khalife of Grandeur.

Last little tid bit for now - Int Ch Tanjores Domino was 3rd in open for owners Kreszenz (Cynthia) and John Guzevich. This is too much even for me. Anyway, when I have finished all the scanning and uploading of this treasure I will send it off to the custody of Mike Canalizo because he deserves to have it. Thanks again to Henry Dietzgen for his enormous contributions to history. There are a thousand more big surprises in this catalog! One exclamation point is NOT ENOUGH!


BOB Ch Shirkhan Of Grandeur, (Sunny Shay)
BOW Estioc El Malika, (Mr Mrs O'connor)
BOS Estioc El Malika, (Mr Mrs O'connor)
WD Diablo Of Grandeur, (Cynthia Boisivain)
RWD Not on file yet
WB Estioc El Malika, (Mr Mrs O'connor)
RWB Charaj El Sheba (Fred and Bob Stein)

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