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Afghan Hound Club of America, Inc.
77th National Speciality

Wednesday, September 25th 2013 - Saturday, September 28th 2013
Holiday Inn - Portland Airport, Portland, Oregon
(Report compiled by Steve Tillotson)

RESULTS/REPORT SUMMARY Afghan Hound Times. Natl Speciality Winner 2013 GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet

1. Summary/Report/Results

The Afghan Hound Club of America's 77th Specialty Show was held at Portland, Oregon on the 25th 28th of September and attracted an entry of 164 exhibits which is a very good entry compared to recent previous years.

Judges were -

(dogs) Mrs Dominique Denis (France)
(bitches) Mrs Lee Canalizo
(Sweeps) Chris Terrell.

Best Of Breed was GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet, (J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers)

This years winner continues the legacy of his Grandfather Gch Thaons Mowgli (4 times back to back winner of the National Speciality 2009-2012).

Reports from the venue/showground were generally favourable. Location was deemed to be very convenient with a large outside tent for dog bathing facilities. Apparently it rained for 3 days. Some exhibitors welcomed the reduction in show days from 4 to 3 and doing dogs and bitches on the same day. Overall feedback seems to be positive. Will provide more details as we obtain them.

Main results for 2013 National Speciality
Best of Breed GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet, J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers
Best of Opposite Sex Silhouette's Starlet , Beth Berman
Select Dog GCH CH Exlysta Aries Ciel Noir, P Schafmayer & S. Ferraro, P. Rooks, C. Anderson-Smith
Select Bitch GCH CH Al-Naira Bint Roula Von Hausman, Juan Pio Milano Ruiz
Best of Winners Silhouette's Starlet , Beth Berman
Winners Dog Polo's Painted Black, Lorianne Amadeo
Reserve Winner Dog Shoot Out The Lights At Shining Mountain, Brian Wood
Winners Bitch Silhouette's Starlet , Beth Berman
Reserve Winner Bitch Fashionista Astartij, Ine1 Harris & Patricia & Gregory Clark

2. Thaon's National Specialty history -
Thaon Afghan hounds have a remarkable record at the National Speciality, even before Mowgli's record breaking achievement of winning 4 back to back BOB's at the National, Thaon also won BOB at the National Speciality in 2001 with Ch Thaon's Wannadance and also in 2007 with Thaon's Travertine. We note that Thaon didn't win BOB in 2008 but only because Jay Hafford (Thaon) judged Bitches and Intersex that year and didn't exhibit - else, possibly, the Thaon legacy might have extended to 6 back to back BOB's. (Ch Rajah Of Namtrah previously held the record for the most BOB wins at the National Speciality way back for the three years 1942-1943, a record Rajah held for nearly 70 years. Mowgli, matched this record in 2010 and exceeded it in 2011 and now holds the record of 4 back to back BOB wins by the same Afghan hound. The Kennel (Thaon) also holds the record of 5 back to back BOB wins by the same kennel)

Thaon Afghan Hounds National Speciality BOB Wins 2001-2013
2001 Afghan Hound Club of America Inc,14 Nov,2001, Texas
Dogs Judge Sandy Weinraub Bitches and Intersex Betsy Hufnagel, (Entry not on file)
BOB,Ch Thaon's Wannadance,(Gayle Irwin Jay Hafford Dave Blanchard)
2007Afghan Hound Club of America,September 4,2007,Colorado
Mrs Georgiana Guthrie Dogs Robert Stein Bitches/Intersex,(164 Ent - 86d - 78b)

BOB,CH Thaon's Travertine, (Jay T Hafford and James Blanchard)
2009Afghan Hound Club of America Inc,18-Sep,2009,Pennsylvania
Edith Hanson,(264 Ent - 136d - 128b)

BOB,CH Thaon's Mowgli ,( J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner)
2010Afghan Hound Club Of America Inc, 19 Oct, 2010, California
(R Nesbitt/Dogs and Intersex H Nave/bitches),(128 Ent - 65d - 63b)
BOB, GR CH Thaon's Mowgli,( Jay T Hafford and James Blanchard)
2011Afghan Hound Club of America Inc, 29 September, 2011, Ohio
Debbie Peterson Dogs/Kent Delany Bitches and Intersex, (118 Ent- 62d- 56b)
BOB,GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli ,(J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers)
2012Afghan Hound Club of America Inc, October 28, 2012,Georgia
Mrs. H W Stein (Bitches and Intersex) Mrs. B Hufnagel (Dogs) ,(106 Ent - 62d - 44b),
BOB,GCH CH Thaon's Mowgli (D),( J Hafford/J Blanchard/A Sterner/D Rogers)
2013Afghan Hound Club of America Inc, October 28, 2013,Oregon
Mrs. Lee Canalizo (Bitches and Intersex) Mrs Dominique Denis (France) (Dogs) ,(Entry 164)
BOB GCH CH Thaon's Wallstreet, Thaon,(Reg. & Debbie A. & J.W. Rogers, Beverly & Joe Moore)
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