From Kingway/Orkhon to Grandeur 1947 - 1956
(Author Steve Tillotson, March 2010)
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On the previous page I mentioned 4 kennel names involved with Orkhon Indra of Lujon -

  • KINGWAY KENNEL - Mrs D A Porter, Denver, Colorado
  • ORKHON KENNEL - Mr Jackson K Stanford, Georgia
  • LUJON - John L Towse, Salisbury Maryland
  • ARKEN - Charles A Wernsman, Derby, Connecticut
A point of curiosity is as follows. The pedigree states the breeder was Kingway Kennel. The AKC registrtion shows the breeder as Kingway Kennel. So why did this Afghan not carry the Kingway affix in it's name?.

The sire of Indra was the Garrymhor import owned by Charles A Wensman of Arken Kennsl
The dam of Indra was Jamila of Kingway owned by Kingway Kennel

Indra passed into the ownership of Jackson K Stanford (Orkhon) who then sold her on to Mr Towse (Lujon) and in the process Jackson K Stanford added his affix (Orkhon) and that of the purchaser (Lujon). You can see that researchers can have a very difficult time in tracking down breeders and owners as in the very early days such name changes were permissable. Since those early days the AKC has tightened the rules on name changes to avoid any such confusion.

The package of contents came with TWO pedigrees for Indra, both signed by Jackson K Stanford. You have seen the first pedigree on page 1 of this article, see below for the second pedigree..

Now what is interesting is this. Both pedigrees bear the signature of Jackson K Stanford. And with one exception the pedigrees are identical. The difference is that in the second pedigree the ancestors for the English import Westmill Razuran are handwritten in as "Uncertain". We do not have a date on the first pedigree so first/second pedigrees could be in reverse order (?). What we can say, is at one stage, the breed historian Jackson K Stanford was uncertain as to ancestors in the pedigree

2. (Pedigree of Harri of Lujon)
Included in the package were two other typed pedigrees showing a mating between Laboda Of Grandeur and Orkhon Indra of Lujon. We then find enclosed an AKC registration document for Harri Of Lujon, see below

So the Indra story continues. She was mated with Loboda Of Grandeur which produced Harri Of Lujon born Sept 26, 1949 a fawn and red dog. (AKC reg document above). Another little snippet or clue in this travel through a pedigree history is that allthough Mr Towse's address was given as Maryland, he actually had a business (Photgraphy) in 47th St New York. This was not so far away from the Grandeur kennels which at that time were located in Brookfield, Connecticut, not so far away. Reasonably conveinent for Mr Twose to meet Sunny Shay.

We're not quite done with this story, but we are almost there. Another item in the package was a letter from Sunny Shay (Grandeur) to Mr Towse, letter shown below

It took a bit of effort to decipher Sunny Shay's handwriting, but we did it, and here is what the letter said....

"Rikki HL 8256
Blueboy of Grandeur H85997
Darya El Myia H 979862
born 4/6/49

Dear John & Family

Enclosed you will find the reg for your pup and I am so sorry to be so late but I've been very ill. I am trying to get down to the Perkoimen Valley show, but if I don't get down I want to send this off to you anyhow. Your new pup's bound [to] be lovely. Al [???] Muty [???] [Ed: Name of a relative of the puppy ???] is gorgeous. If your girl is half as pretty, she must be very lovely. By the way, remember that stuff you were using to clean up the dog's shin? What is it as when I move I want to try to clean out this god damn lice business. Do let me hear from you real soon. And if you do come to the Perkiomen show, why don't you try to bring the pup up for me to see?



P.S. I would appreciate the Grandeur affix to the reg."

Finally, the letter led us on another bit of research, who/what is "Rikki HL 8256 written at the top of the letter? Well we tracked that down too, herebelow is the answer -

You will note that Sunny Shay is shown as the breeder, and as she requested, Rikki had the Grandeur affix attached to the registration

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