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The first Carloway champion was sired by Barwala from a mating with Bletchingley Zara who was a great winner in the showring having won the CC at Crufts in 1948, 1952 and 1953, twice going BOB. This mating produced Ch Bletchingley Hillsman who also went BOB Crufts (in 1955) with the judge Clara Bowring writing in her critique "A magnificent hound and to me typical of all the finest characteristics of the breed".

Ch Bletchingley Hillsman).

The middle to late 1950's is a good time to assess the impact of Barwala and his descendants upon the breed. Yussef produced nine champions and was used at stud by Bletchingley, Conygar, Khyber, Threestreams. Pasha was used at Bletchingley, Taml, Pooghan, Jagai, Khamora. Many of the kennels continued to proliferate the Barwala lines via their own breeding. Between the time Yussef was made up and before Pasha became a champion Carloway produced three other champions which further proliferated Barwala lines. All this excludes the other and earlier stud work by Barwala which involved Hookstone, Westover, Kenavon, Khanabad and Virendale bitches.

After Pasha, a further 16 champions carried the Carloway name. As we move from the 50's into the 60's kennels such as Moonswift majored on Carloway lines. CH. MOONRAKER OF MOONSWIFT was out of HORNINGSEA SHEER KHAN (Barwala grandson) and INDIRA OF CARLOWAY. Interestingly Indira was the output of a father-daughter (Yussef and daughter Tijah) mating which strengthened the links back to Barwala. If we look at the pedgiree of CH. MOONSWIFT MITSOUKO, (Moonglade x Millionairess) we find it's a half brother sister mating (to Moonraker). Noting that Moonraker was out of the highly inbred INDIRA OF CARLOWAY we can see how and why the Carloway lines were preserved for so long. To reinforce this point, study the pedigree below of Linda Race's (Kaskarak) MOONSWIFT MEDICI born in November 1989. This is the most "Moonswifty" pedigree I have come across in years. Indira appears once in the fourth generation, five times in the fifth generation and other Carloways dominate the sixth generation - all this 30 years on!

It's easy to see how Barwala lines came to dominate the pedigrees of the 1960's and future generations of breeders have continued this throughout the 70's and 80's. As a further reinforcement of Barwala's influence I have looked at the pedigrees of the 1993 champions. In running a trace on ancestors, Barwala assumes numeric dominace at the 10th/llth generations proving that he exists behind most of our Afghans today. A couple of traces involving overseas (import) lines are interesting. KHARISAR RHIA contains Barwala because of the Australian lines (Fermoy) which contain Carloway import lines (Walishah, Mazari of Carloway) and therefore Barwala. Even the Scandinavian lines contain Barwala because of the import HORNINGSEA JAMUSSAH which has strong Carloway lines. Barwala exists in the U.S. Iines of AM CH PAHLAVI PUTTIN ON THE RITZ via Colonel Wally Pede's Scheherezade imports which are behind Pahlavi's Mecca and Shirkden lines. Barwala is a dominant ancestor in UK Afghan bloodlines and as a non show dog is undeniably one of the major influences of all time.

It is perhaps appropriate to conclude this article on Barwala with Miss Devitt's own words, again quoting from Afghan International. "Barwala had all of his father but was superior in head and expression. He had a dark (not black) mask and beautiful black almond eyes. He was quality nd type personified. Here was the Carloway Afghans's model, and without exception, every one bearing this prefix goes back to Barwala or his sire".

Steve Tillotson 1994/5 updated 2010

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