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The Afghan Hound in Argentina, Chile and Uruguay

By Norman Huidobro Corbett
As Told To Carlo Molinari
. Our Afghans, January 1972
Updated By Steve Tillotson, January 2012

This article was originally published in "Our Afghans", International Edition, January 1972 and covered Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. We have extracted the Argentina section and publish that in its entirity below. We have added pedigrees, photo's and other information that has become available since the original OA article was authored.


The first Afghan Hounds imported into Argentina, by Marivonne Barbin de Seguin arrived in 1955. They were a male, Mustapha Of Grandeur, sired by Ch. Hajji Baba Of Grandeur x Kushani Of Grandeur, and a bitch, bred by Mrs Snelling in England, Zendi Of Khorrassan, sired by Zardin Of Khorrassan x Rhapsody Of Carloway.

Ed (Steve Tillotson) Note 1/25/2012 - Zendi Of Khorrassan was bred by Mrs P E Watson in England. Mrs Watson owned the dam Rhapsody Of Carloway and used Miss Snellings famous and popular stud dog Zardin Of Khorrassan. The litter of five including Zendi, whelped 2/17/1958. The United Kingdon Kennel Club registration lists Ms Snelling as the first owner of Zendi, then later in September the transfer of ownership record shows Zendi being transferred to Marivonne Barbin de Seguin in Argentina. End of Ed Note

"Mustapha" became a champion and was bred to Zendi, thus producing the "Kandahar" kennels first litter. From this breeding came a number of champions (Alibaba, Mohammed Zahir, etc, all of Kandahar).

CH Mohammed Zahir Of Kandahar (ARG)

Kandahar First Litter 2/17/1958
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Mustapha of Grandeur (Us Exp Arg) Am Ch Hajji Baba of Grandeur Am Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel Chota Nissim of Ringbank
Ch Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn
Am Ch Zala of Grandeur Am Ch Sahib of Sutton Place
Am Ch Kahlua of Khanhasset
Kushani of Grandeur Am Ch Turkuman Nissim's Laurel Chota Nissim of Ringbank
Ch Netheroyd Turkuman Camelthorn
Lost Acres Beebe of Grandeur Judu of Grandeur
Daireen Beebe of Grandeur
Zendi of Khorrassan (UK Exp Arg) Zardin of Khorrassan Montezuma of Khorrassan Sirdar of Khorrassan
Sunrise of Khorrassan
Zardeela Bletchingley Barzara of Carloway
Framfield Fizia
Rhapsody of Carloway Ch Bletchingley Hillsman Jalalabad Barwala of Carloway
Ch Bletchingley Zara
Ch Carloway Sharmain of Virendale Jalalabad Barwala of Carloway
Shireen of Kenavon

Ed Update Note - From the above litter, Ali Baba of Kandahar (dog), went to Rodriguez Cisneros of "Farjat" kennel. Kumaree Of Kandahar and Upjahu Bhumi of Kandahar (both bitches ) went to Mr Oscar Colombo of the Argentinian "Ave Maria" kennel. We cannot trace any record indicating that Mr Oscar Colombo also owned the dog Yafar Of Kandahar from this litter. However Mr Colombo did use Yafar as a stud dog on his littermate Upjahu Bhumi of Kandahar (brother/sister mating). This produced a litter which whelped on 9/25/69. One from that litter, Ayub Khan de Ave Maria , a black dog, was exported to Germany.

Mr Colombo continued this Kandahar line for a few generations, then in the 1970's Mr Colombo imported Tully's Little Allen and added new American bloodlines to his breeding program. Since then Mr Colombo has further embraced American bloodlines and used these extensively in his breeding program. Interestingly looking at Ava Maria litters bred around the year 2000, Mr Colombo has retained a 7 generation link back to his foundations via his bitch line. End update note.

Sr Rodriguez Cisneros acquired Ch Alibaba Of Kandahar and started the "Farjat" kennels.

In 1959 Sr Cisneros imported a bitch from Germany, Aminah Ulman, sired by Kamar vd Irminsul x Perdita vd Irminsul. "Aminah" became a champion and was bred to Ch Alibaba Of Kandahar.

Pedigree of AMINAH (ULMANN)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Kamar Von Der Irminsul Dt Ch Achmed Vom Isishof Samindwars Bhirod Yudishthir of Geufron
Hazara's Candika
Agila Von Schonen Rhein Haite De Ruwendael
Aruna Von Falkenstein
Aischa Von Der Irmansul Dt Ch Achmed Vom Isishof Samindwars Bhirod
Agila Von Schonen Rhein
Garrymhor Von Jugenheim Emir Von Jugenheim
Perdita Von Der Irminsul Dt Ch Achmed Vom Isishof Samindwars Bhirod Yudishthir of Geufron
Hazara's Candika
Agila Von Schonen Rhein Haite De Ruwendael
Aruna Von Falkenstein
Nouradin of Valdorern Ch Ravelly Patrols Ali Bey Turkuman Dammar Pinetree
Patrols Creme Chenille (late Lotus Closmidi)
Buko of Bletchingley Ch Int Garrymhor Faiz-Bu-Hassid
Ravelly Badrea (late Chessington Dolores)

Sr Cisneros imported a male from Chile, Fawny Sandokhan De Huilaco (Sandokhan Ben Ghazi de Huilaco x Kutsadrab Of Grandeur whelped in 1966, who became a champion.

In 1968 two more Afghan Hounds were imported to Argentina. Owned by Sr Ricardo Ruibal Ray and bred by Huilaco Kennels, they were a male Huialaco's Ali Khan and a bitch Huilaco's Blue Krishna. "Ali Khan" was sired by Ch Chile Bey Of Jagmarkan (Ed note: Chile Bey was Bred in the UK by Mr & Mrs M Moss and then exported to Mr A Becker in Chile) x Huilaco's Birka Farjad and became a champion. "Blue Krishna" was sired by CH Blue Shah de Huilaco x Ch Antar Fi-Gun Morning Glory. "Ali Khan" was bred to "Blue Krishna", thus registering the first litter for the Argentinian "Hippys" kennel.

CH Blue Shah de Huilaco

Afghan Hound Times photo - CH Blueshah de Huilaco
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Chi Ch Chile Bey of Jagmarkan Balzac of Khyber Ch Yussef of Carloway Zog of Carloway
Dana Khan of Carloway
Hanuman Takritiyah Ch Netheroyd Red Eagle
Taboo of Barakzai
Sundar Gaj of Kushra Subadar Karim Khan Ch Yussef of Carloway
Hanuman Takritiyah
Cadenza of Khorrassan (late Cadenza) Khorrassan Quinquereme of Carloway
Nahzeema of Kushani
Huilaco's Birka Farjad Parent Not Recorded    
Parent Not Recorded    

Ed Update: We received some information from a correspondent in Argentina several years ago (click here for article) who informed us " In the city of Cordoba, Ricardo Ruibal Rey first imported from Chile a Huilaco dog bred by Norman Huidobro. He kept breeding to a bitch related to the famous Coastwind Pina Colada that lived in Brazil, in the late 70's. Upon Mr. Ruibal's death, his Kennel line was somewhat preserved by Rodolfo Casero. CH Duma was a champion that best fitted the line. End Ed Update Note

An Italian bred bitch Baalat Von Girgenhof , bred by Cornelia J Stelzer, was imported to Argentina sometime in the late 1960's. (We don't have information as to who the Argentinan owner was). In 1969 a dog was imported to Argentina by St Augustin Nores Martinez of Del Chuvut kennels, well known breeder of Dogos Argentinos. This dog Huilaco's Silver Sharja, (Int Ch Antar Gran Kariolan x Ch Antar Fi-Gun Morning Glory) was very good at hunting rabbit, hare, and even bigger game such as Llamas or Alpacas and was Sr Martinez' steady hunting companion. Huilaco's Silver Sharja was mated to the Italian bitch Baalat Von Girgenhof and the litter produced Amhra Sharba who went to Jacqueline Kubat of Dragonfly Kennels, Argentina

Pedigree of AMHRA SHARBA
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Huilacos Silver Sharjah Int Mex Col Ven Ch Antar Grand Koriolan Am Ch Crown Crest Zarak of Antar Am Ch Crown Crest Zardonx
Am Ch Crown Crest Tae Joan
Am Ch Crown Crest Khoronah Am Ch Ophaal of Crown Crest
Am Ch Crown Crest Tae Joan
Mex Chil Ch Huilacos Antar Fi Gun Morning Glor Am Ch Tajmir Gunsmoke of Mecca Am Ch Infashia of Grandeur
Am Ch Tajmir's Desert Dream
Am Ch Antar Kar Cae Fine Ending Am Ch Crown Crest Caesar of Antar
Am Ch Sweet Karelia
Baalat Von Girgenhof Ghanton's Osman Piccolo Vdom Dutch Ch Ghorian Vdom
Dutch Ch Ineke Vdom
Ghanton's Grisette Juba Vdom
Sulamith Vom Weiben Hirsch
Halwa Von Girgenhof Abd Kader Akeim Joh Cyn Ben Ghazi Mandingo
Am Ch Crown Crest Kaejoan
Xarifa Von Der Irminsul Sputnik Von Der Irminsul
Aldschai Von Der Goldenen Horde

A littermate to Amhra Sharba - the dog Akbar Sharba (we don't know who owner was for sure) seems to have gone to Horacio & Patricia Coscarelli of the Argentian El Emir Kennel and was used at stud with the Ave Maria bitches owned by El Emir Kennels. This line was continued for several generations via the del Esplendor kennels who were also breeding into Ave Maria stock. Clearly Ava Maria is an important kennel, tying these breedings together.

A siginfigant Afghan Hound Kennel in Argentina was Jacqueline Quiros-Kubat's "Dragonfly" Kennels. (she owned Amhra Sharba, mentioned above). Ms Quiros started in the breed at an early age, she started showing her first dog (An Afghan Hound) at the age of 8. She is now an all breed Judge of International repute. My friends at Stenara Afghan Hounds (Brazil) kindly wrote an article on the history of Brazillian Afghan hounds several years ago and referenced Dragonfly and the importance to Stenara. (clear here for article) A pedigree of one of Dragonfly's famous Afghan Hounds is shown below. As is apparent, there is a strong Grandeur influence.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Dragonfly's Vishnu Westwind Am Ch Westwinds Dorian of Grandeur Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur Am Can Ch Blue Boy of Grandeur
Mahdi of Grandeur
Shahrakhana of Grandeur Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur
Am Ch Silver Pearl of Grandeur
Westwinds Noel Summerstorms Hecto Am Ch Majara Maraud
Summerstorm of Barukara
Heather of Windsept Kuri of Maimar
Summerstorms Circe
Dragonfly's Baika Vishnu Dragonfly's Vishnu Westwind Am Ch Westwinds Dorian of Grandeur Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur
Shahrakhana of Grandeur
Westwinds Noel Summerstorms Hecto
Heather of Windsept
Amhra Sharba Huilacos Silver Sharjah Int Mex Col Ven Ch Antar Grand Koriolan
Mex Chil Ch Huilacos Antar Fi Gun Morning Glor
Baalat Von Girgenhof Ghanton's Osman
Halwa Von Girgenhof

New British influences arrived in Argentina in 1972 that would become part of the Ave Maria and El Emir kennels breeding programs. These influences were (1) a dog - Anzani Prince Consort de Ave Maria, whelped 15/1/1972, bred by Beryl Appleton (Anzani, UK) and (2) a bitch Chandhara Lakshmiri , whelped 5/7/1970 bred by Ms Stephanie Hunt-Crowley (Chandhara UK, now USA). Both of these imports were owned by Mr Oscar Colombo of the Ave Maria Kennels.

Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Anzani Prince Consort De Ave Maria Ulysses of Anzani Ch Marquis of Anzani Anzani Musketeer of Moonswift
Gigi of Anzani
Rifka's Jewel Personality Ch Rifka's Tabaq D'rar
Ch Rifka's Moti of Carloway
Tara of Anzani Ch Marquis of Anzani Anzani Musketeer of Moonswift
Gigi of Anzani
Shirini Athena of Gray Dawn Am Ch Scaramouche of Gray Dawn
Samantha of Chaman
Chandhara Lakshmiri Chandhara Tahilraman Chandhara Ghalands Talisman of Camri Am Ch Javelin of Camri
Akaba's Brass And Soot of Camri
Chandhara Shirakara Chandhara Branwen Sheen Kamri
Chandhara Shiraz of Tranwell
Chandhara Water Lily Chandhara Branwen Sheen Kamri Am Fr Ch Diablo of Grandeur
Branwen Karuna of Grandeur
Izmars Lotus of Khamora Mahmoud of Khamora
Zeena of Khorrassan

Argentinian kennels emerging from the above legacy include the following

Daniel & Raul Martinez & Barrale (Absolutli Touch)
Julio Albarracin Cocheri (Nandra Devi)
Carmen Mamani (Fechorias)
Sergio Ingaramo (Xliff)
Carlos Siegert Guzman (Von Siegert)
Juan Rodriguez (Del Jhon Alex)
Patricia Coscarelli (Little Horse)
Horacio & Patricia Coscarelli (El Emir)
Amalia Troisi (ATC)
Ed Halac (Kamoar)

The history of the Afghan Hound in Argentina then, appears to start in the late 1950's with the two imports (one from USA, one from UK). These two founders were followed by imports from the famous Chilean/Spanish kennel of Huilaco and a few imports from European Kennels. From around the 1970's the USA influence becomes more apparent (not forgetting the earlier USA influence of Grandeur, as seen in the above pedigree),. followed by later USA influences such as Kabik's Sabra in the 1990's. British influences also returned in the 70's via Anzani and Chandhara imports. We note that kennels such as Ave Maria and Dragonfly were a cohesive influence during key periods of the breeds development in Argentina..We found it interesting to learn of Coastwind Pina Colada contribution to South American Afghan Hound breed history. Allthough Pina Colada was imported into Brazil, as our correspondents mntion, her offspring were used in Argentinian breeding programs.

The Afghan Hound In Argentina
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