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Vera Shaw (extract)

The following is an extract from "The Encyclopedia Of The Kennel" by Vera Shaw" published in 1913.

AFGHAN HOUND - This hound which has been known as the Persian Greyhound both in this country and on the continent for many years, is a curious mixture of elegence, strength and untidyness of appearance. The last mentioned feature is due to the fact that although practically a smooth coated variety, the Afghan Hound usualy carries a good deal of hair of a silken texture upon his ears, tail and legs, whilst the longer growth occasionally appears upon the belly as well. This give him a very unkempt appearance and suggests the idea that the long coat upon his head, neck and body has come off - but this is not the case; and it may be added that occassionally perfectly smooth coated specimens are met with, but these are not valued as much as the others. The general shape of the breed resembles that of a large but delicately formed greyhound, to which family it undoubtedly belongs, but the long coat above referred to makes the parts on which it grows appear somewhat clumsy. Usual colours are fawn, black , and white; the height varying from 24 to 29 inches and the weight from 60 to 70 lbs.

There are some supplementary writings on early hound history , firstly an extract from "Is The Afghan Derived From The Saluki" and secondly "Greyhounds In Russia" (Tazi/Taigan) a translation by Mrs E M Skelton-Fortune. Also see breed history for Russia for pictures of Tazi/Taigan Afghans.


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