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(By Steve Tillotson August 2016) France breed history. Afghan hound 1935
Paris 1935

The article by Mr Chauvet also included several photographs, in particular a dog named Blerek, and a bitch named Perak.

BLEREK Blerek Afghan hound from Afghanistan to France 1925
PERAK PERAK Afghan hound France

BLEREK (dog) was born in Afghanistan but we are not given any details of his parentage, date of birth or name of breeder.

PERAK (bitch) we are informed by Mr Chauvet was sired by "Ghazni Khan" which is a reference to Mary Amps "Khan Of Ghazni". Khan of Ghazni sired a litter in Afghanistan ( litter whelped in 1925) out of Rani of Ghazni. We believe that Mr Chauvet's bitch Perak was from this litter.

Khan Of Ghazni France Chauvet Blerek x Perak puppies 1926/7

Mr Chauvet bred Blerek and Perak and produced a litter, see photos below

Blerek x Perak Puppies France Chauvet Blerek x Perak puppies 1926/7

Blerek x Perak Puppies France Chauvet Blerek x Perak puppies 1926/7

As aluded too on the first page, a difficuilty with Mr Chauvet's article is that we do not know "when" Mr Chauvet wrote it. We only know that it
was published in 1930. Throughout his article there are references that appear to have been written before the publication date of 1930
and/or are written in the "historical present tense" (the present tense used in narrating a past event as if happening at the time of narration).
We don't think this impression is an outcome of our translation, (but we arranging an independent translation just to be thorough) .
Clues that the article was written earlier/or in a historcal present tense style exist, such as - Mr Chauvet's reference to the English Afghan Hound Club (formed
in 1925) but he does not mention the English Afghan Hound Association formed two years later. He references the price of purchasing an Afghan
hound in England as of August 1926. He mentions the sensation raised by Afghan hounds in New York and London. The references likely refer
to Westminster Kennel Club Show in New York where Afghan hounds were first exhibited in 1927 and The English Kennel Club's dog show Crufts
(London) where Ghazni Afghan hounds were first exhibited, also in 1927. He mentions that Perak is 3 years old in the phtographs. Noting her date of
birth as January 1925 this would date the photographs to early 1928. So all in all we are inclined to the view that his article may well have been
written in a historcal present tense covering the period of 1926-1928. We labour this point only because we are seeking to establish the date that
Afghan hounds were first observed in France. Based on our analysis of Mr Chauvets chronology, we are of the view that that date is end of 1925,
(which would also coincide with Mr Chauvet's return from Afghanistan upon completion of his tour of duty for DAFA), or, possibly early 1926. Thus
we might speculate that the first homebred French Afghan hound litter was possibly born in early 1928.

Recently (September 2017) we found another photo and narrative on a French Afghan hound from 1928 -

French Afghan hound from 1928 France Afghan hound 1928

The translation of the French in the above article is as follows - "One of the Afghan Hounds belonging to Emir Aman Oullah currently residing in Paris.
Note that these animals have short hair on their backs and really furry boots, at a natural state, not groomed/clipped.
Sighthound with winged legs and Spaniel with giant ears. I will likely never see the airplane-spaniel, but yesterday I saw the cousins of my own
sighthounds at Dr Cheron's clinic, the knowledgeable vet who takes care of Mr Poincar's dogs health (former French President, from 1913 to 1920) .
They are beautiful Afghan Hounds that Emir Aman Oullah, our forthcoming guest, has been sending to Paris as forefront, to offer them to
M. Gaston Doumergue. (former French President, from 1924 to 1931). These four-legged ambassadors have a fabulous pedigree as a credential.
Afghans, coming from from purest Afghanistan, they have a smooth gait and a strong slenderness.Quick and faithful, intelligent and eager, they
are very jealous of the friendship marks their master is receiving.This jealousy is worrisome: our charming President may have opponents but no
enemies; might his Afghan troops be too much a watchdog ? It is true that Mr Raymond Poincar, a true animal's friend, will certainly share useful
advice about sighthound psychology. By the way, will we see a presidential team at the sighthound races? J.-P. L".

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