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(By Steve Tillotson August 2016) France breed history. Afghan hound 1935
Paris 1935

On this page we share a number of photos or illustrations of Afghan hounds in France, typically from the early 1930's -

France 1934
A very nice sepia toned card issued by French Chocolate
company 'Hermitage de l'Epinay in 1934 PHOTO Afghan hound France 1934

France 1934
Photo from the book Tours Le Chiens (All dogs)
Races and Standards, 1934 authored by Dr Hubert Heuillet PHOTO Afghan hound France 1934

France 1938?
Cover photo for "Chasseur franais" c 1938 PHOTO Afghan hound France 1934

The magazine "Le Chasseur Francais" ("The French Hunter") was founded by the French company 'Manufrance' which was the first French mail order company, pre-dating the American Sears-Roebuck mail order company. Manufrance mainly specialised in sporting and hunting, shotguns, bicycles, and other desirable products like gardening and householD items. It was first started in 1885 and has passed to various owners over time - in 2001 it was bought by Emap group. The illustration the Afghan hounds is believed to be from the cover page c 1938.

France 1930's
A photo card #53 in a series, issued by
"Chocolat Cemoi" from Genoble, France,
Photo by J Guillaume, distributed during the 1930's
htp:// Photo Card 1930's France

Article on Afghan Hounds (author Mme A Perron), France c. 1938
A thumbnail below of an article written c 1938 by Mme A Perron
about the Afghan hound. Mme A Perron was an expert
on the Sloughi and has written articles on the subject,
as well as having written articles about Asian and Eastern
hound breeds.

http://www.afghanhoundtimes ARTICLE, FRANCE 1938 MME PERRON

(Translation below of original from French to English kindly provided by Christophe Ledoux, thank you Christophe)

Afghan hound is a superb ,stylish and sportive dog, with an intelligent physionomy he seems to know how he is beautiful and worth ,
He is tall like a Greyhound, with an elastic gait , but more compact and his body is cover by long hair, floating in places, unregular distributed.
His head, very original, is weared proudly. Nose with court hair and dark is long with light stop.Skull is topped with topknot of long and silky
hairs that give the impression of a wig, and mixed with hairs of ears which have the same texture, Eyes are beautifull, generally dark,
with an intelligent and reserved expression, perhaps a little cold. He 's got this detachement look about all is arround him, which is the
characteristic of the breed. He is kind and accept with courtesy caress from strangers but staying no demonstrative as he think that he is
not a dog like others. He is faithfull and devoted to his owner . It is a very old hound breed, whose type and character stayed the same
since 4000 years

Paris, 1930's No Further Details Known
http://www.afghanhoundtimes Afghan hound Photo,Paris, France 1930's

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