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by Steve Tillotson August 2013

Ch Tanyah Sahib Of Cyann

3 (Continued) FIRST CYANN LITTER 6/23/1937

The first Cyann litter (Am Ch Omar Of Fortworth x Sisi) produced -

Princess Alfrieda Of Cyann Fawn bitch who went to Ameilia White's Kandahar kennel in New Mexico and produced a litter out of Tufan Of Ainsdart

Duke Alfrieda Of Cyann a Black dog was retained by the Rickels and became an influential stud dog who was used by Elm City kennels as well as Grandeur. Duke was mated with Far Away Loo who produced an important early Grandeur litter on 5/22/1942 which included Tahtara Of Grandeur who is behind Dureigh's Dark Victory.

Also in the 1942 Duke Alfrieda sired litter by Loo was the bitch Ayesha Of Grandeur who was exported to Canada and produced several litters there.

Other littermates included - Duchess Alfrieda Of Cyann (Red bitch) , Menofra Alfrieda Of Cyann (Red bitch) , Nemone Alfrieda Of Cyann (Fawn bitch) , Prince Alfrieda Of Cyann (Black dog)


The second Cyann litter (Amanullah Of Kandahar x Kali Of Prides Hill) involved two Prides Hill bred Afghans. The Rickels obtained the bitch Kali Of Prides Hill and used Amelia Whites Prides Hill bred stud dog Amanullah Of Kandahar on Kali to produce the litter of 11 shown below

1Akbar Of Cyann Fawn dog
2Azura Sahib Of Cyann Fawn dog
3Brunsette Of Cyann Red bitch
4Chota Of Cyann Fawn bitch
5Herat Of Cyann Fawn dog
6Sadhar Of Cyann Fawn dog
7Tameyeh of Cyann bitch
8Tanyah Of Cyann Fawn bitch
9Am Ch Tanyah Sahib Of CyannFawn dog
10Am Ch Yakub Khan of Cyann Red dog
11Am Ch Zaretta of Cyann Fawn dog

We're off to a flying start with littermate #9, the dog Am Ch Tanyah Sahib Of Cyann who won BOB at the first ever Afghan Hound Club Of America National Speciality in 1940. He also won BOB at Westminster in February 1940

Ch Tanyah Sahib Of Cyann PHOTO Ch Tanyah Sahib of Cyan0

Ch Tanyah Sahib Of Cyann
with owner Cyrus Rickle
Westminster 1940 PHOTO Ch Tanyah Sahib of Cyann 1940

Littermate - #3 Brunsette Of Cyann went to the Barukara kennel. Barukara used Amelia White's Am Ch Alif of Kandahar on Brunsette which produced a litter on 1941/09/30 that included the cream dog - Am Ch Shikar Sitara Of Barukara.

Am Ch Shikar Sitara Of Barukara
afghan hound times photo Shikar Sitara Of Barukara

Sitara was mated to Wadi Musa which produced an important litter on 06/28/1946 bred by Dr & Mrs Henri L Wille. This is both an interesting and important breeding. Lets look at the pedigree then we'll discuss it

Pedigree 06/28/1946 Including Am Ch Gobi Of Arken and Am Ch Chitor Of Arken
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Shikar Sitar of Barukara Am Ch Alif of Kandahar Am Ch Tufan of Ainsdart Ch Sirdar of Ghazni
Ku-Mari of Kaf
Dinah of Kandahar Am Ch Amanullah of Kandahar
Zara of Prides Hill
Brunsette of Cyann Am Ch Amanullah of Kandahar Uk Am Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Zahera of Prides Hill
Kali of Prides Hill Westmill Omar
Am Ch Asra of Ghazni
Wadi Musa Am Ch Omar of Fortworth Ch Westmill Tamasar Uk Am Int Ch Badshah of Ainsdart
Ranee of Geufron
Ch Chankidar Ch Firdausi of Geufron
Brandes Blue Bonnet Fawzia Blue Bonnet Kishtwar Jalalabad Khargosh of Kuhsan
Yasmin of Kuhsan Am Ch Garrymhor Kishtwar
Jalalabad Kara

The pedigree behind Shikar Sitar of Barukara is a typical example of the interplay between the east coast Prides Hill (Badshah of Ainsdart, Westmill Omar, Asra Of Ghazni) and Tufan of Ainsdart lines originating via Amelia White's Kandahar kennel in New Mexico in the south west. What makes this pedigree special is the next step - the breeding of Shikar Sitar of Barukara to the bitch Wadi Musa who was bred by Mrs Edgar Brandes (Brandes) kennel which was located in San Antonio, Texas. The bitch Wadi Musa was owned by Dr & Mrs Henri L Wille, also of San Antonio, Wadi Musa's pedigree is very interesting, sired by Omar Of Fortworth x Brandes Blue Bonnet Fawzia (who's lines go back to English imports via Kuhsan kennels, another example of some early breeders developing bloodlines in the west/south/south west, involving bloodlines not inherent in Prides Hill).

Am Ch Gobi Of Arken

This litter included the influential stud dog Am Ch Gobi of Arken and his litter sister Chitor Of Arken. Mr Charles Wernsman's Arken kennels were located in Connecticut on the eastern seaboard. Avoiding the temptation to detour into Arken (that will be the subject of a future article), we will take this opportunity to briefly mention that a feature of Arken breeding involved the importation of an English dog (Am Ch Garrymhor Zabardast Of Arken) , then breeding Zabardast to Prides Hill bitches acquired by Charles Wernsman. This strategy proved enormously successful, Arken became a leading stud kennel of the day and their home bred Am Ch Rajah Of Arken achieved the remarkable feat of winning the National Speciality in 1942, 1943, and 1944 a record which prevailed until 2011 when Am Ch Thaon's Mowgli won the National Speciality in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, equaling, and eventually beating Rajah's record. However, Rajah's record did prevail for nearly 70 years!

Aside for the record breaking stuff, the real interest is the breeding. We mentioned previously the strategy of Cyann of using imported English lines such as Omar Of Fort Worth and Sisi, in combination with Tufan of Ainsdart lines from Amelia White's Kandahar kennel to develop a different type/line from the dominant east coast Prides Hill kennel. We see much the same strategy at Arken who imported Am Ch Garrymhor Zabardast Of Arken from England and then bred him to Prides Hill bitches. This is a very interesting aspect of early American breeding. The pace and standard was set by Prides Hill in Connecticut on the east coast, but we can see that as early as the mid-late 1930's that breeders in the West/South/South West (Texas, New Mexico etc) as well as Arken in the east (Connecticut) sought, and developed, something different to the basic Prides Hill proposition.

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