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Miss Denyer's "Kaf" Afghan Hounds Page 1
(Extract - "Country Life" June 26th 1926, written by A Croxton Smith) Photo Denyer Hutchisons 1930's

Croxton Smith - Discussing the origins of the Afghan Hound...

Further on he (Sir Harry) says that "the dogs of Aghanistan used for sporting purposes are those of three sorts - the greyhound, pointer and khundi. The first are not formed for speed , and would have little chance in a fair course with a second rate English dog, but they are said to have some endurance, and when trained, are used to assist Charughs in catching deer, to mob wild hog, and to course hares, foxes etc. Afghans however, run to kill everything and it is not an uncommon site to see them chase after a single hare". Allthough Sir Harry has a word picture of the pointers and Khundis, the latter the most cross bred animals in the country with an undoubted dash of the pointer, he fails to satisfy our curiosity about the greyhounds, which is strange, if they were what we know as Afghan Hounds. At that time the Sirdars had taken a great fancy to English breeds, but the taste was of no value as all were allowed to cross jukst as it might happen.

It may be of course, that the breed was not so much esteemed in the neighbourhood of Kandahar as in the north easterly district of Balkh, where it is said to have its stronghold. This fact is of importance in an endeavour to unravel its history. Some people claim that the Afghan hounds are the oldest forms of gretyhound type, while others contend that they are descended from Salukis introduced by way of Persia, and modified in conformity with their environment. Supporters of the latter school may be fortified by the knowledge that Balkh is in the ancient Bactria, which in the seventh century before Christ, fell under the dominion of the Medes, and was afterwards conquered by Cyrus, who also held sway over Syria, Arabia and other reghions. The countries, indeed in which salukis have been domaciled from time immemorial. ....Writer (A Croxton Smith) concludes by stating "on the whole I think the assumption is in favour of the precedence of the Saluki, but let that be as it may, we are now dealing with animals possessing enough similarity to warrant the idea of distant relationship and sufficient differfences to illustrte the effect of climate and surroundings. The ample clothing of the Afghans is required as a protection and the big, long feet would be desifrable in a rough country. Many of them are more powerfully built than the Salukis, though some are smallish"...

Miss Denyer's Kaf Afghans...

Ch Taj Mahip Of Kaf Photo Taj Mahip Of Kaf

Miss Denyers Taj Mahip Of Kaf appeals to me as one of the best I have seen, and I fancy my readers will pick him out as the monarch of the accompanying batch. He was bred by Major Bell Murray to whose missionary efforts we are indebted for the establishment of the breed.. I had no doubt about giving Taj Majip the chief dog honours at Crufts in February. He is sound, has size, ample coat, and is what I believe to be the correct type. They are puzzling dogs to judge, the hair on the legs often making one uncertain as to whether they are straight or otherwise....

After a summary of Kaf Afghans at the Sutton Courtney kennels of Miss Denyer, Mr Croxton Smith concludes the article with "One never cares to speak with any certainty concerning the future of a comparatively new breed, but there are grounds for believing that these strange looking dogs are getting a firm footing.--

A. Croxton Smith June 26th 1926

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