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Clarence Dillon, (1882 - 1979)
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by Steve Tillotson,May 2016 PHOTO Clarence Dillon Dunwalk Afghan hounds

Clarence Dillon (September 27, 1882 - April 14, 1979) was an American financier, and namesake of Dillon, Read & Co., an investment bank. In 1957, Fortune Magazine listed Dillon as one of the richest men in the United States, with a fortune then estimated to be from $150 to $200 million.

On a visit to England, Clarence Dillon bought the young Poodle (Miniature) Ch Rudolph of Piperscroft daughter Fontclair Festoon from Dody Jenkins, In 1959 Festoon was handled by handler, breeder, judge Anne Rogers Clark and went Best in show at Westminster Kennel Club.

Anne Rogers Clark wrote about this - "A client, the great financier and poodle enthusiast Clarence Dillon, had gone to England and purchased a promising black Miniature Poodle bitch from a well-known kennel. He brought her back to the States and, as he did not have a regular handler at the time, she just sat in his lovely kennel for several months while he surveyed the available handlers who might be interested. I was quite young at the time, but was well on the way in my profession, and was delighted to be asked to review his stock. The bitch was overgrown with hair but looked promising, and I took her home for further study. After several days of bathing, brushing, clipping and shaping, the most beautiful young Miniature bitch appeared that anyone - including myself - had ever seen. She went on to great heights. In 1959 we won the Westminster Show together and her blood lives on today through her descendents, including the Non-Sporting Group winner at the 1995 Westminster. Her name was Dunwalke's Ch. Fontclair Festoon."

Clarence Dillons (Dunwalk) min poodle Fontclair Festoon,
BIS WKC 1959 handled by Anne Rogers Clark PHOTO Clarence Dillons (Dunwalk) min poodle  Fontclair Festoon, BIS WKC 1959 handled by Anne Rogers Clark

(A little diversion - Anne Rogers Clark was a dominant person in the world of dogs. As reported in USA Today " One of only 25 people licensed by the American Kennel Club to judge each of the 149 recognized breeds, Clark was the biggest superstar the sport has ever known. Standing 6-2, she towered over show rings. She's so famous in canine circles that she's simply referred to by a single name, Annie. She judged 22 times at Westminster, and she won BIS at Westminster 3 times- 1956, 1959, 1961) and also co-bred the BIS winner in 2002. . We also have a David Frei (Stormhill Afghan hounds USA) story - as reported in the LA Times in 2006 reporting the death of Anne Rogers Clark -" David Frei, longtime host of USA Network's telecast of Westminster, recalled the first time he showed a dog for Clark. It was about 20 years ago in Texas, with an Afghan hound. "The first thing she said to me was, 'Step back from that dog! You're overwhelming her!' " Frei recalled Wednesday. "I was a nervous wreck and was sure that I'd blown it. Annie wound up giving her the win."

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