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Early Afghan Hounds
(By Steve Tillotson 1996, updated 2011)
Page 2

Update January 2011

Since starting this section I have obtained further archives and have added this second page on early Afghan Hounds. I will add some narrative to these photographs shortly

1. Afghan Greyhounds, Frank Townsend Barton 1913
The Afghan Hound has had various names in the early days, such as the Afghan Greyhound, Persian Greyhound, Barukhzy Hound etc. Below is an excellent photo from Barton's book

Afghan Greyhound - Frank Townsend Barton 1913

2. Afghan Hound, Vero Shaw 1913.
Photo of an early Afghan Hound taken from Vero Shaw's book "The Encylopedia Of The Kennel"

Afghan Hound, Vero Shaw 1913, Encylopedia of the Kennel

3. Persian Greyhound, Robert Leighton 1907.
Photo of early Afghan Hounds taken from Robert Leighton's book "The New Book Of The Dog"

Afghan Hound, Robert Leighton The New Book Of The Dog 1907

4. Fatima, Afghan Hound 1907.
Photo of early Afghan Hounds taken from Robert Leighton's book "The New Book Of The Dog". Fatima owned by Captain F. Martin, 25 Punjabi, Rawalpindi

Afghan Hound, Fatima 1907, Robert Leighton, Capt F Martin

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