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Enriallic Afghan Hounds, Ireland
Mr and Mrs D. Cronin
by Steve Tillotson December 2017 PHOTO Mrs Daniel Cronin and Hound

A WORK IN PROGRESS December 2017

Enriallic was the name of the Afghan hound kennel owned by Mr and Mrs Daniel Cronin and was located in Killarney, County Kerry, South West Ireland. The kennel was active from 1929 through to the end of the 1930's. The foundations of the kennel involved the Cronin's foundation dog - Asman Of Ghazni, (Sirdar Of Ghazni x Shireen Of Ghazni) bred by Mary Amps and littermate to Am Ch Asra of Ghazni, the Cronin'sfoundation bitch - Souriya of Enriallic, (Kabba x Mem-Sahib) pure Bell Murray, bred by Lt Col W Adye-Curran. A third foundation was an external stud dog - Rupee (Kymn x Sirfreda) bred by Mrs Squibb and owned by Mrs Nora Coombs. In the decade that Enriallic was active they bred a total of 7 litters, never going outside the aforementioned foundation lines and, in the process they were one of the earliest breeders to incorporate the imports Shahzada and Afroz lineage and create a different blended line to the more common Ghazni/Bell Murray crosses. Will Hally the breed correspondent stasted that Miss M has exported so many hounds to Col Curran CBE in Ireland that the Irish numbers are likely to lead those in Britain !!

Rupee, Zandi and Chimosa Of Enriallic "Our Dogs 1944" Rupee, Zandi and Chimosa Of Enriallic

Lyall Payne in his research has discovered the origin of the kennel name "Enriallic" - "Cill Airne" is Irish (Gaelic??) for "Killarney" where the Cronin's lived and Enriallic is Cill Airne spelt backwards !! Further research reveals that Cill Airne, refers to the "church of sloes"; which is a town in County Kerry, southwestern Ireland. The town is on the northeastern shore of Lough Leane, part of Killarney National Park, and is home to St Mary's Cathedral, Ross Castle, Muckross House and Abbey, the Lakes of Killarney, MacGillycuddy's Reeks, Purple Mountain, Mangerton Mountain, the Gap of Dunloe and Torc Waterfall. Its natural heritage, history and location on the Ring of Kerry make Killarney a popular tourist destination. St Mary's (Church of Ireland) Killarney, is a beautiful church in the heart of Killarney which serves a small congregation as well as tourists. There is evidence as far back as the 1200s of a Church in this area.

Sketch (1935) by Arthur Wardle of
Int Ch Zandi Of Enriallic Sketch Zandi Of Enriallic by Wardle 1935

Int Ch Zandi Of Enriallic, CC Winner, LKA London, 1935 Sketch Zandi Of Enriallic by Wardle 1935

    Enriallic's were exported to -

  • Gaida of Enriallic, b, Charlotte B Ogle (USA)
  • Dilkusha of Enriallic, b, Dr and Mrs Archambault (USA)
  • Prince Khan, d, Mrs M Gough Dower (USA)
  • Lakhsman of Enriallic, d, Q A Shaw Mckean (Prides Hill, USA)
  • Hanuman of Enriallic, d, Mr Mrs Oakie (Oakvardon, USA)
  • Aruna of Enriallic, b, Eta Pauptit (Vdom, Netherlands)
  • Zubeide of Enriallic, b, Monica Pobe (Rohilla, Switzerland)
  • Nalini of Enriallic, b, Mme Bourcey, (Kennel Original, France)

  • Enriallic's were incorporated by the following UK kennels -

  • Mrs Doris Venn, Conygar UK
  • Mr Mrs Winterbottom, Kushka UK
  • Marjorie Matthews, Westover UK
  • And several other kennels also

The most influential route for Enriallic in UK breed history occurs via - Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree (Westmill Bayezid Ansari x Ghawazi Of Enriallic). The list of kennels that used Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree includes - Acklam, Ajawaan, Westover, Closmidi, Hookstone (UK/Aust), Rafa, Bletchingley, Netheroyd, Patrols, Raygistaan, and several other kennels. Koshti of Westover a Pine Tree daughter, was the foundation bitch of Sheila Devitt's Carloway Kennel and thus Turkuman Dammar Pine Tree's Enriallic heritage became very influential in UK breed history. Another very influential Afghan in UK breed history was Jalalabad Barwala Of Carlway and we should note that Chitor Of Enriallic occurs in the 4th generation of Barwala's pedigree.

Enriallic litter whelped Dec 1932 at 4 months (left) and at 10 months (right) Enriallic Afghan Hounds Ireland Kennel Advert 1933

To be continued.....

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