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(Vintage Crufts Photographs c. early 1950's)

(Iris Craik and Policeman)
(Iris Crake and Policeman)
This is a very famous photograph and was published in a National Daily Newspaper
at the time (early 1950's). It shows a Metropolitan Police Officer holding up traffic
whilst Crufts exhibitor Mrs Harris (Nee Miss Iris Craik) walks her group of Khorrassan Afghan Hounds across the
road on the way to Crufts.

The three Afghan hounds in this photo are listed below. They were from a litter of 4 whelped in April 1954. Their breeding - Montezuma Of Khorrassan x Ajamais Amber Of Menthe. Bred by Mrs H Harris (nee Iris Craik)
  • CH Saleh Bey Of Khorrassan
  • Khadiji Of Khorrassan
  • Adana Of Khorrassan
Eileen Snelling and pack of hounds Crufts 1950's
Eileen Snelling and pack of hounds Crufts 1950's
This is a photo of Ms Eileen Snelling (Khorrassan)on her way to Crufts
which was held at Olympia (early 1950's).
The Khorrassan Afghan Hounds in this picture are -
  • Marabout of Khorrassan
  • Ivory Of Khorrassan
  • Moonbeam Of Khorrassan
  • Sunrise Of Khorrassan
  • Portrait Of Khorrassan

We will research the Crufts catalogue and let you know how Ms Snelling did that day

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