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Afghan Hound Times - Dog World Afghan Hound Covers 1963-1974
"Dog World" Afghan Hound Covers 1963-1974
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Below are 2 covers from US Dog Magazine "Dog World" for several years between 1963 and 1974 where an Afghan Hound was featured on the front Cover. Whenver possible we have included the inside cover notes that accompany the cover photo

Ch Tully's King David

Dog World Afghan Hound Cover 1973
Can Tully's Kennel survive retirement of top dog? Very often well known kennels disappear when their big winner is retired. The Tully Kennel in Omaha, Nebr. found itself facting this possibility when they retired American and Candaian Champion Tully's Big John. However, as showing good dogs is in the blood of Betsey and Allen Tully, they had laid future plans before Big John was retired from the show ring.

One of their future hopes is the typey blue-black Afghan hound pictured on this month's cover. Champion Tully's King David. He is an unusually friendly outgoing young male who is the result of years of careful breeding aimed at producing a dog with refinement, short back, good movement, and that indescribable appeal that make a fine dog stand out in the shw ring. This young dog, coupled with Pat Guilfoyle who is licensed to handle all the Tully Kennel dogs, easily obtained his championship with two 5 point majors on the tough Texas circuit, plus other notable wins under several distinguished breeder-judges. Rave comments came from all who view Ch Tully's Kind David for the first time and best exemplifying them is the observation made by a breeder judge "I haven't seen a head this beautiful in twenty years:

The other future hopeful big winner in the Tully Kennel is Khadine's Mysterious Blue, or Clarence as he is affectionately called. C0-owned by Allen Tully and Tom Radmann, Clarence began his seriousshow career in the Spring and quickly amassed 8 points. These include a Best Of Breed win from the classes over several specials plus a Group 1st for a 4 point major shown by Pat, this gorgeous light blue dog captures his heart with his obvious enjoyment of the show ring and boundless exuberance. The Tully's look for great things with this tall, beautifully headed dog.

Borh these young winners are producing fabulous pups with temperaments that are a credit to the breed. There already enough spooks and bad natured dogs in this breed and the Tullys are very aware of the need for improvement in this area

Even though Ch Tully's Big John and Group and Speciaity winner Ch Continental Blue Falcoln are retired from the ring they are both very actively at stud. All four males may be used for pick of litter or for stud fees ranging from $150 to $250. The Tullys believe that the use of good males is important to improvement of the breed and deplore excessive stud fees because they discourage this very improvement.

The kennel almost always has from four to a dozen puppies available for show homes and for people who want a lovely puppy as a pet. The Tully's are happy to take the time to discuss by phone the particular wants and desirs of individuals wanting pups. The kennel policy is never to sell to wholesalers or by litter lots. Betsey Tully admits that she is always behind in correspondence, therefore, the best way to inquire about a puppy or stud service is b y calling after 10:30 pm mot evenings/ Pat Guilfoyle, who manages Tally's Kennels is helpful too, with advice and information when the Tully's are unavailable. Pat has also done an excellent job with the three Srinagar Salukis the Tully's own. To date both Srinagar Nizzam and Srinagar Sakuntalla have obtained their championships and Srinagar Adika Madha has earned her first points
Ch Khayam's Apollo

Dog World Afghan Hound Cover 1974
1973 was a momentous year for us at Tully's Kennel (Betsey and Allen Tully). We wer to able to buy the No 1 Afghan in the United States, Ch Khayams Apolo. Dr and Mrs Doyle Rogers, the breeders and prvious owners, retired from the fancy, but were careful to see that this great young dogs (he was only just 5) show career ws continued by a top kennel. Apollo, who was shown to his magnificent record by Rosemarie Crandell and Gene Blake, will be handled exclusively by Pat Guilfoyle, the Tully Kennel Manager, and by Betsey Tully. Apollo has won fur specialities, including the National Speciality in New York. He has won many Groups and Best in Show, and in addition was one of the top sires-of-champions last year. He and Ch Continental Blue Falcon, also owned by the Tullys, were tied with three champions each for 1973.

Apollo's primary concerns will be filling his stud-service commitments. In the past during the drive to his No 1 ranging, he was often "not home" when the girls wanted to see him. This has already been changed. The Tullys' showing object now is to give the fancy the opportunity of seeing this great dog, but not to subject him to the exhausting grind of year-round campaigning.

Apollo heads the stud force of our already auspicious kenel. In addition to Falconm American and Canadian Ch. Tully's Big John, Ch Tully's King David , and Khadines Mysterious Blue, complete the balanced selection of famous "boys" at Tullys. We are not hung up on one attribute of the Afghan in our breeding program, but are looking to achieve the bearing, elegance and sound-ness that gave the Afghan the title "King Of Dogs". Temperament is also a strong consideration embedded in the Tullys breeding program. The overshyness that has become so common in the breed shuld not be excused as "aloofness; excessive shyness is a fault. We dont want to make a face-licking extrovert ouf of the breed, but they can't be good pets and companions if they are "spooks".

The Tullys have put their top studs within easy reach of the entire fancy, taking pick of litter or a reasonable stud fee, depending on the individual situation. Improvement of the breed is our object. We do reserve the right to approve or reject any bitch. The bitch's owner must asgree not to sell in litter-lots or through retail shops or dealers.

There are always three to 10 puppies romping the Tullly acres that are available to both serious breeders and exhibitors and to those that arn't so "grim", but want a lovely Afghan primarily as a pet, Visitors are always welcome.

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