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Col Spencer and Maureen Townsend
and Afghan Hound 1950's?

Col Spencer and Maureen Townsend and Afghan Hound 1950's

Photo of Col Spencer and Maureen Townsend and Afghan Hound 1950's? The Townsend family owned Townsend Oil in Leroy, New York

This is a very interesting photograph. Look at the coat pattern on the Afghan Hound, including bare pasterns, very old type. I have done some research into the Townsend family and the oil company, thats an interesting story. If I have the correct family, Col Spencer Townsend's Grandfather was one of the OIL pioneers in America. Grandfather Spencer, a banker, had invested in drilling for "hard rock oil" in the salt fields in the New York area. All the backers pulled out as they lost faith,. Grandfather Townsend hung in there. He sent his manager to the drilling field with $500 to keep the drilling going, but also instructed his manager " if they havn't struck oil when you arrive, pay off the bills and close it down". When the manager arrived, that very day, they struck oil. Almost the first oil drilled in the USA.

We'll keep looking for the origins of this afghan. Colonel Spencer retired in 1947 so the indication that the photograph was taken in the 1950's seems reasonable. Maybe visitors can date the photograph better by the style of Mrs Spencers dress, or the motor vehicle in the background?

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