Afghan Hound Times
(Afghan Hound Database and Breed Information Exchange)

Afghan Hound Ephemera

New Zealand KC Gazette
March 1991

Afghan Hound Times - New Zealand KC Gazette March 1991

The magazine features an Afghan Hound
specialsection put together
by Lyall Payne
(Bletchely Hall Afghan Hounds NZ).

The Special contains articles by Lyall
and contributions from -

-Bill Hall (Barbille, UK)
-Anette Buxton (Kazibari)
-Bill Morris (Taffy)
-Kim CRYSELL (Badshah)
-Ceciillia Dodson (Torwood)
-Jennifer Atkinson (Afshari)
-Pamela Farmer
-Dale Powell
-Robert Cole
-Chris Corry
-Dawn Hutson
-Yvonne Ljunkvist
-Murray Anderson
-Elizabeth Andrews and
-Jean Andrews
-Desiree Crysell and
-Pamela Farmer
-Joy Hawle
-Ailwyn Clout
-Carol Green

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