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Nakauda Of Ghazni

Afghan Hound Times - ephemera Nakauda Of Ghazni

All we originally knew about this photograph was this - "Great Dog Show at the Crystal Palace. Dogs from all parts of the United Kingdom are arriving at the Crystal Palace Kennel Show which opened to-day. The picture shows Afghan Hound " Nakanda of Ghazni" exhibited by Mrs. Robson."

Well the "fun" of this job (breed research) is you never know where a piece of ephemera can lead you to, or what you may discover in rersearching just a simple photograph. So I thought I would share the research story behind this particular item..


I Want to say thanks to Pam Croft, Afghan Hound International for her treasured and valuable website and pedigree database. It is very helpful to my research work to access Pam's website/database in order to validate research findings. Pam's pedigree database also includes valuable information such as owners, breeders, transfer of ownership, changes in names of dogs, stud book codes, BRS codes, import/export information etc Thanks Pam!

Well, we didn't recognize the name Nakanda of Ghazni, no such listing in the KC registrations, or in our pedigree databases.

We knew for a fact that Mrs Phyllis Robson did own "Nakauda" Of Ghazni who was born 10/28/1929, and that piece of information is consistent with the caption that accompanied the source photograph

(Ghazni late era naming convention)
We noticed an apparent "naming conventions" for Ghazni Afghan Hounds. From around 1928 Mrs Amps (Ghazni) seemed to name all the offspring of a litter starting with the same letter of the alphabet. For example - The litter born June 1928 all names begin with the letter "S". The litter born August 1929 all begin with the letter "A". Significant to us is that the litter born October 1929 all begin with the letter "N". Prior to this (1928) seemingly apparent later era naming convention, Ghazni littermate names started with various letters of the alphabet. There was no consistency or pattern of naming siblings until the June 1928 litter. (By the way, European Kennels often use a common letter for each litter and also start with A then B then C, sequentially down the alphabet, a scheme that sure helps us researchers)..

Also of importance to us in trying to determine for sure our subject Afghan is named Nakauda is that in all the Ghazni registrations, Mrs Amps only used the letter "N" once before, (in 1927 - Naulika Of Ghazni).

(Handwriting Transcriptions)
The difference in the two names (Nakauda or Nakanda) hinges on the fifth letter of the name, is it an "a" or is it a "u". ? There is no registration for Nakanda and none of the other "N" Ghazni Hounds, prior to, or up to this litter date (1929) have names anywhere like similar to Nakauda that could have been wrongly transcribed.

(Last Ghazni Litter, not bred by Mary Amps)
Just a quick detour here. It can be quite confusing as to "who" the breeder was when it comes to "Ghazni". You cannot assume it was Mrs Amps. Several of her foundation hounds were bred by natives or by a military person in India. In this case the breeder (according to KC registration records) is Mrs Cathrine Law. Apparently Mary Amps was the first owner of Nakauda and he was later transferred to Phylis Robson.

Nakauda Of Ghazni Pedigree

Afghan Hound Times - Nakauda Of Ghazni

(Never entered at Crufts)
Another discovery snippet was this - We find no entry for Nakauda ever being entered at Crufts despite Phylis Robson entering her Asri-Havid Of Ghazni at Crufts, curious em?

Finally, of course, we have the key bit of information that the owner of the subject Afghan Hound was Phylis Robson, and the only Ghazni she owned with a name starting with an "n" was Nakauda. (Phylis Robson also owned CH Asri-Havid Of Ghazni).

So at the end of the day, were pretty confident the correct name is Nakauda. Hope you enjoyed this little insight into the fun and games we go through in researching and validating things such as an old Afghan Hounds Name

As I mentioned earlier, you never know where research takes you....
In this case, the caption that accompanied the photo of Nakauda Of Ghazni mentioned the "Great Dog Show at Crystal Palace". First confusion is "Great Dog Show", most people think of Crufts when they read these words, and Crufts has never majored on Crystal Palace. In fact in 1886 - 1890 Crufts was held at the New Grand Exhibition Hall, Westminster, London and.or St Stehens Hall/Royal Aquariam, Westminster, London). As Crufts continued to grow in size and popoularity it moved to the Royal Agricultural Hall in Islington, North London where it remained until 1939 then it moved again to Olympia (Kensington, London). It remained in London through the 1980's then moved to The National Exhibiton Centre, Birmingham. Crystal Palace did house many dog shows and was synonimous with that. Crystal Palace also housed the worlds first "Cat Show".

Crystal Palace Kennel Club Show 1913

Look at those words above "Crystal Palace Kennel Club Show 1913".
So The Kennel Club held its show at Crystal Palace in 1913 RIGHT?

WRONG !!! See image below, a scan of the
Schedule for Crufts 1913
clearly showing Crufts to be held at The
Royal Agricultural Hall - the other side (North) of London.

Crufts (Kennel Club Show) 1913

Afghan Hound Times - Crufts page 1913

The Crystal Palace was totally destroyed in a catastrophic fire in 1936

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