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The Eta Pauptit Letters
As Published In "Our Afghans" Magazine
(This Section Compiled by Steve Tillotson)

Afghan Hound Times - photo Eta Pauptit vdOM Afghan Hounds, Netherlands

There is a rich and lengthy history of letters from Eta Pauptit to Ruth Weddle and Our Afghans magazine. Some of Eta's letters included rarely seen photographs from her personal collection. We have decided to collate Eta's OA writings into a separate section on the OA website.

At the 1997 Afghan Hound World Congress, G. Jipping (Netherlands) gave a presentation on the subject of "Whats The Right Type". Everybody knows that Eta had very strong views on this topic. Mr Jipping wrote - "Before I end my speech I would like to read a message from the now 83 years old Mrs Eta Pauptit. As everybody knows, Mrs Eta Pauptit bred Afghan Hounds under the Van de Oranje Manege affix. She is one of the people who preserve the original type with the first imports in mind. Because of her breeding program the Afghan Hound became known all over the world. Many of the Afghan Hounds round the world are descendants of her breeding. This is what Mrs Eta Pauptit writes.

"Now I want to ask new judges and breeders to keep this very special breed in the same way as it came to us. Please be sure they have a free temperament. Please look for a sloping line from occiput to the dip and slightly up and over a strong back to the tail. Please see that they have a well coupled body with plenty of room for lungs and heart. That means a fairly large well let down feet, bred with strong toes nowhere straighless. Hindlegs with a nice turn and long distance from knee to heel. In this way only you can keep that very special gait. Do not overdo points like f.c. couts. Too much hair hides good points and so less good ones sneak in, and because of the glamour your original Afghan Hound will disappear". "An imitation is the result and that kind I do not admire". Eta Pauptit (v.d.O.M Afghan Hounds), 1997

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