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Of Miss Caroline Hall Richmond of Los Angeles, California)
(By Steve Tillotson December 2011 ,2013. Updated December 2016
http://www.afghanhoundtimes PHOTO Caroline Richmond Halls Jeshumpur Fatima and Jemshupur Souriya

Conventional wisdom is that that the Afghan Hound in America was effectively established by Q A Shaw Mckean (Prides Hill, Massachusetts) who imported Badshah Of Ainsdart in 1934. Earlier - in early/mid 1932 Q A Shaw Mckean acquired Westmill Omar and Asra Of Ghazni (both UK imports) previously owned by Zeppo Marx who handed them on to dog dealer and judge George Thomas.. The two hounds mated whilst in the possession of George Thomas and he sold them on to . Q A Shaw Mckean. Thus the first US breeding that contributes to US pedigree history occured at Q A Shaw Mckean'sPrides Hill kennel (albeit with the breeder registered as George Thomas). So conventional wisdom is correct and Q A Shaw Mckean as the most enthusiastic and influential breeder of his era is rightly credited with getting the breed established in the USA. There were several other Afghan hounds imported from the UK earlier than the1930's by Edward Abrams, Philadelphia, Dunwalk Kennels in, New Jersey, O'valley Farm and a few others, but these earlier imports do not contribute to the US pedigree history. It is easy to focus on Prides Hill because it was such a significant kennel and its bloodlines were destributed across the USA. We should also include the White sisters in New Mexico (Kandahar Afghan Hounds) who imported the litter brother to Mckean's Badshah of Ainsdart - Tufan Of Ainsdart.

We need to take note of other important non-UK imports and influences - specifically those direct importations from Afghanistan and India because they introduced new bloodlines, not existent in the aforementioned UK import bloodlines. In particular we are thinking of Laurence Peters who imported two afghan hounds from Afghanistan in the early 1930's, and, in the context of this article, we are particularly thinking about Caroline Hall RIchmond (Fatima Afghan Hounds) and her direct imports from India in 1929 which, pre-dates Q A Shaw Mckean's importation/ownership by a few years (although Mckean bred his Afghans before Caroline Hall Richmond started breeding).


UPDATE October 1st 2013 (Fatima) and December 12th 2016 (Souriya)
We have found photographs of Fatima and Souriya and some narrative about their origins and breeder etc. PHOTO  Jemshepur   Fatima and Jemshepur   Souriya  (India) Carolyn Hall Richmond USA
Caption with Fatima photograph - This is possibly the first time
that you have seen a dog like this, unless you have visited India
The dog shown with Mrs Albert Hirsth, wife of a prominent
Youngstown engineer, was brought from India and is an Afghan
hound. The dogs hunt rabbits and leopards in their native land
Caption with Souriya photograph - "Miss Gandhi, the only Afghan
hound on the Pacific coast, which is owned by H.M.Robertson of
Hollywood. The dog is a native of Jamshedpur, a district about one
hundred miles indland from Calcutta, India"

FATIMA (1907) vs FATIMA( 192)8
Breed researcher Lillian Goodman published an article about an Afghan hound named Fatima in Our Afghans in August 2003. The early article contained an error we need to be aware of. The 2003 article is headed by a photograph of Fatima provided by Margo Waskow (Little Fir Kennel). The error was that the photograph that Margo Waskow provided to Our Afghans relates to an entirely different Afghan than the one we are concerned with in this article. You can read all about the other Fatima here. The earlier Fatima was owned by Captain F Martin of the 25th Punjabi, at Rawalpindi (India) and was born in 1907.

Fatima - AKC Registration
AKC Stud Book May, 1936 FATIMA AKC REG 1936

(A bit of detail to start us off - The reference to Jemshupur actually relates to the city of Jamshedpur in eastern India. The word Jemshupur could be a simple misspelling, or, it could be that the breeder (Albert Hirsth) made up the word and based it on the city of Jamshedpur (where he was employed by Tata Steel) in order to create Jemshupur as his kennel name?)

The Fatima we are discussing in this article was born in 1928 and imported from India to the USA. The AKC stud book states Fatima was imported from India. There was some confusion about Fatima's country of origin. In the two newspaper articles below, the first says India, the second references Afghanistan. Later in this article Phyllis Robson's comments are recorded and Miss Robson states Afghanistan. We are going to stay with the AKC info and assume the correct country of origin is India, until and unless we discover evidence to the contrary. (Update Dec 2016 we have found a press article that informs that Fatima and litter sister Souriya were bred by Albert Hirsch when he was livning in Jemshupur, India and working for the Indian Tata Steel Company. So this confirms these two hounds were born in India). The kennel name Jemshepur previously attached to both hounds by breeder Alber Hirtsch was dropped and they became known as Fatima and Souriya of Miss Hall Richmond's "Fatima" kennels, located in Los Angeles, California, USA Fatima was registered in the AKC stud book, we do not find a registration for Souriya

UPDATE December 14th 2015
We recently found this newspaper archive that tells us some more about Fatima

UPDATE December 12th 2016

We recently found the newspaper archive below, originally published in The Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana, USA) 8 Jun 1929 and provides new information about Mr Albert Hirsth, the breeder and importer of Fatima and Souriya - PHOTO Fatima (India) Carolyn Hall Richmond USA
(The Vidette-Messenger (Valparaiso, Indiana, USA) 8 Jun 1929, Sat, Page 4)

"Albert Hirsth, Former Valparasio man, was here yesterday visiting friends. Mr Hirsth who at one time was connected with the United Staes Steel Corportion at Gary, is now assistant superintendent of blast furnaces for the Tata Steel company at Jemshedpur, India.

Mr Hirsth went to Jemshedpur in 1920 to superintend the construction of a $40,000.00 extension to the Tata plant for Person and Marshall, consulting engineers of New York. After completing the extension, Mr Hirsth accepted a position with the Tata organization.

Jemshedpur, the Gary of Asia is a city of 70,000 people and growing, according to Mr Hirsth. Back in 1911, it was a little native village, and like Gary, had a marvelous growth when steel interests decided to locate there. It is 160 miles from Calcutta and situated at junction of the Korakar and Subareka rivers.

Practically all labor in the Tata mills is Indian Labor. There are only about 200 white people in Jameshedpur and these are officials in the various organizations. Thirty-five of that number are Americans and the remainder British. Several former Cary residents are among the two score Americans"

(The Los Angeles Times 10th January 1937)

Fanciers of the Afghan hound are of the firm belief that this racy animal is the beginning of al dogs and dates back to the Pharaohs of Persia and Afghanistan

Fatima, a beautiful eight year old blond Afghan belonging to Mrs C H Richmond and Mrs Elsie Richmond Cochran of New York and Westwood Vikllage, is the mother of eight fine hounds that have been winning honors in recent shows. The four youngsters still in the posession of Mrs Richmond and her daughter are Fatima's Daughter Fatima a honey blonde, Fatima's Daughter Peri chinchilla colored , Fatima's Daughter Kushdil a titian dark brindle and Fatima's Son Tufan Khan a brindle black.

Fatima the elder, was born in Afghanistan and was raised in Jemshedpur, India. She is registered in the Kennel Club Of India, an organization that is affiliated with the Kennel CLub of London. She was imported from England by Mrs C H Richmond and was brought to American in the company of an East Indian attendent.

The father of the stately hound's puppies is Champion Tufan of Ainsdart, imported from England by Miss Amelia White of Santa Fe Springs, N.M.

Fatima's son Sidar Khan, a member of this family, now owned by Robert Sherwood, won best of winners at Palm Springs last fall. At the Ambassador show last yar, Tufon went best of winners, winning 5 points, or one-third of his championship, at his first show. Peri won first in puppy class and went reserve winers, and Kushdil went firt in limit class


Afghan Hound Times - Fatima USAPhoto of a painting of Fatima done by L Borman and published in the dog press in 1939 with accompanying narrative from Phyllis Robsom the editor of UK Dog World. -

The narrative reads as follows - "The glorious Fatima was born in Afghanistan in 1928 and is her owners friend, pride and joy. (AHT note. Fatima was registered in in the AKC stud book in May 1936. The AKC registration states Fatima was imported from India), She is a red-gold with a black mask and has the muchly desired Eastern outlook. She is a wonderful breeder, though it was not until she was 8 years of age that she had her first litter, comprising 5 males and 3 females and 4 have become champions. Miss Richmond has retained 1 son and 3 daughters which are extra good. The dog is a big smoky brindle, with a black mask. He was best of winners as a 10 months puppy at a 5 pt. show. He is 29 inches at shoulder, weighs 70 lb, yet has not a trace of coarseness, and is the most typical outstanding hound in the States to-day. Another lovely bitch is Queen of Sheba who has 6 puppies by Tufan. There is also Blue Mist of Egypt a blue chinchilla, and Fatima's Daughter Peri a chinchilla, blue and quite famous, as well as Fatima's Daughter Kushdil and Fatima's Daughter Fatima. Queen of Sheba, Blue Mist and Nadir Khan came from Afghanistan so they are a complete outcross to exportations from England".

(AHT note. Blue Mist and Nadir Khan did NOT come from Afghanistan, they were USA bred out of (Tazi Of Beg Tute x Saki Of Paghman). Effectively Blue Mist and Nadir Khan are of Afghanistan lineage, but we think it important to clarify Miss Robson's statement so that readers do not misunderstand and think that these offspring were imports).

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