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Kay Finch (1903 - 1993)
Crown Crest Afghan Hounds USA
Page 4
Kay Finch writes about The English Afghan hound May 1968
(Compiled by Steve Tillotson, 2014 extended 2015)

Kay Finch ceramic 5 hounds

Following her Judging of a world record entry for the breed at the Manchester Championship Show and, following her subsequent visit to the Southern Afghan Hound Club Open Show, Kay wrote an article for her English audience summarizing her impressions of the English Afghan hounds as she encountered them on her trip to England.

by Kay Finch, April/May 1968

I was asked to give a few impressions of the breed in England. Seeing so many specimens at the big Manchester Show and later on at the Southern Afghan Club Open Show at Harrow, gives me a pretty fine picture for the future.

I say the outlook is healthy and normal at present with 1969 looming as one of your most exciting years.

From a breeder-judge viewpoint I predect several SEVERAL YOUNGSTERS will be coming up to carry the flag. Bitches seem stronger and this is a wonderful sign, as they are the foundation for tomorrow. To name a few --- and there must be many more which I have not yet seen.

CH Rifka's Musqat D'rar
Mahzada Of Shanshu
Ch Horningsea Kkayacci
Horningsea Bletchingley Shelagh
Bondor's Kumari Khanum
Trailaway Numez of Carloway
The Millionairess from Rifka
Khanabad Janjira
Takabbor Golden Rhani
Alyshan Chol-Tagh
Alyshan Rosamond

Ch Rifka's Tabaq D'rar
Khanabad Blue Pirate
Khinjan Lorcah
Ranjitsinhji of Jagai
Alyshan Beau-Geste
Zarakhan Riffari
Horningsea Aramis

I FIND YOUR HOUNDS EXCELLING IN REAR QUARTERS and forcefulness in gaiting-covering the ground beautifullly with the proper driving, springy action. I saw little of the silly, short, quick mincing gait which I decribe as "wind-up toy".

I WAS GLAD TO SEE GOOD HIPBONES VISIBLE. Good crop-off of croup - (sometimes too steep, however). This should be watched. Admired the low hocks and big feet so well covered. Wide apart rear movement and tails set low.

HEADS AND TEMPERAMENTS IMPROVING. Personality and showmanship more noticeable. Not as much shyness or stubborness now. Balanced foreface with back skull. Bites strong and even. Coats have always been great but are better - groomed and presented now. Lovely silky textures, not too many wooly ones.
ON THE OTHER SISE I notice quite a few short necks and too many lacking spring of rib and depth of brisket. The short necked appearance sometimes due to poor handling with choke chain collars which made dogs ruck their heads. Training must be done to make them hold head high to give the regal, proud look. Also, showing with a loose lead is a MUST.
OBVIOUS FAULTS OF COARSNESS, WIDE AND STRAIGHT SHOULDERS, soft toplines and lack of saddles, thick, untapered tails set too high. Shortness of leg and lack of brisket and tuck-up. Thick and short necks have no place in our uniquely constructed breed.

EYES ARE BETTER. Shape, set and expression as well as dark pigment. In fact the overall picture is healthy and I am happy to see owner - breeders showing such concern and awareness. Over - population is bad. Just keep putting the best to the best and come up with better. My motto is "EVEN THE BEST IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH".

Breeding just to sell puppies is descruction itself.

When considering the original purpose of the breed, it is easy to understand why we must strive to keep the houndiness, the reachy, springy gait along with strength and taughtness of frame which allows the hound to move tirelessly all day if need be. He must have good lung capacity, muscle power in the rear, and the desire to perform.

My whirlwind visit to England was too short. It was an unforgetable experience. I am sorry that time did not allow some visiting with exhibitors. I must say their good sportsmanhip impressed me and it is wonderful to see owner-handlers

Thank you one and all for your overwhelming wlcome to me at my debut in the ENGLISH SHOWRING. It was a very great pleasure to see your hounds whose heritage we in America are proud of too.
Kay Finch

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