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The Ghazni Afghan Hounds
of Major and Mrs Mary Amps
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by Steve Tillotson, 2013 The Ghazni Afghan Hounds of Maj. Mrs Amps

3. Photo Gallery Of Some Other
Ghazni Afghan Hounds photo Abdul Of Ghazni
Abdul Of Ghazni
Owner Hans Jungeling (Barukhzy NL)
Dog, Black, Dob 03/03/1927 photo CH Asri-Havid Of Ghazni
CH Asri-Havid Of Ghazni
Mrs Phyllis Robson (UK)
Dog, Black&Tan;, Dob 03/03/1927 PHOTO ASRI HAVID OF GHAZNI JUMPING A FENCE photo CH Ashna Of Ghazni
CH Ashna Of Ghazni
Owner Mr T G Chamberlain (Istalif UK)
Dog, Fawn, Dob 08/18/1929 photo CH Asman Of Ghazni
CH Asman Of Ghazni
Owner Mr & Mrs D I Cronin (Enriallic, Ireland)
Dog, Fawn, Dob 08/18/1929

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