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The Ghazni Afghan Hounds
of Major and Mrs Mary Amps
Page 3
by Steve Tillotson, 2013 The Ghazni Afghan Hounds of Maj. Mrs Amps

3. Photo Gallery Of Some Other
Ghazni Afghan Hounds (Continued)

CH Asra Of Ghazni
Owner Quincy A Shaw McKean (Prides Hill, USA)
Bitch, Fawn, Dob 08/18/1929

CH Asra Of Ghazni

Another photo of Asra of Ghazni courtesy of Ingeborg James. Inge informs
us that Asra had five owners and produced seven litters with six
champions. She is shown here at age 14, just prior to her death. photo Ghazni Son Of Sirdar
Ghazni Son Of Sirdar
Owner Mrs Isobel Bradshaw (Wahsdarb UK)
Dog, Fawn, Dob 03/03/1927 photo Khan Of Ghazni
Khan Of Ghazni
Owner Mrs Mary Amps
Dog, Fawn, Darker Colour later, Dob 07/NN/1921
(Bred by an Afghan Shikari in AFG, Not Mrs Amps) photo Khan Of Ghazni

Another photograph of Khan of Ghazni the one usually
shown in the breed books
Khan Of Ghazni and Malik Of Ghazni in Kabul

Photograph taken in 1925 before he was
imported to the UK, Photo published
by Mary Amps in an article in 1932, he indeed
appears to be light (gold/fawn) in colour.
However, the photograph above this one of
Khan published by Mrs Amps in
him to be a much darker colour, possibly black
or even a blue? A third phtograph (published
in the breed books) shows Khan as a light
coloured dog, perhaps a deeper fawn/gold
than the above, but nonetheless light coloured.
It is possible of course that Mrs Amps and
her Publisher mixed up photographs?, Mrs
Amps is so specific about the photo (she
wrote "Khan of Ghazni looking down on the
Dal Lake in Kashmir with its floating gardens")
so such a mixup seems unlikely. Another
option is that Khan started out predominently
fawn/gold but with blue in his coat as well,
and his colour darkened with age. Khan
was known to be a carrier of the blue gene,
so it's possible he had blue in his coat as
a youngster that came to the fore as he
matured? A bit of a puzzle, and we're not
sure we have an answer.

Malik Of Ghazni is not found in KC
registrations and our understanding is that
he was unregistered with date of birth
unknown, colour unknown, breeder unknown.
(All we know because we have the
photograph above), is that he existed as
a young adult in Kabul in 1925 and looks
most likely to be of a fawn/gold colour.

Mary Amps with CH Sirdar of Ghazni and Khan of Ghazni photo Nadir Of Ghazni
Nadir Of Ghazni
Owner Hans Jungeling (Barukhzy NL)
Dog, Fawn, Dob 10/28/1929
(Bred by Mrs Cathrine Law, Not Mrs Amps)

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