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The Ghazni Afghan Hounds
Exciting - new find of Photographs of Sirdar
by Steve Tillotson, July 2013. Updadted Jan 6th 2017 The Ghazni Afghan Hounds of Maj. Mrs Amps

Only a few weeks ago I started to consolidate my various research articles on Mary Amps (Ghazni) and the increasing number of photographs of Sirdar Of Ghazni I have collected over the years.

Now (early July 2013) I have been fortunate to discover some new information and some new photographs. So as a short-term expediant I am going to post the newly discovered photographs on this new page, and rework the whole series of articles once ongoing research is complete (or completer, coz its never complete)

Anway, these phtographs are a very exciting discovery. What is also remarkable is that I (Steve Tillotson) working in California, USA and Lyal Payne working in Wellington, New Zealand were simultaneously working on two unrelated projects. And within hours of each other, we had both found new photographs of Sirdar. How amazing is that. So I am publishing both new photographs below

The first photo to be discussed is Steve's find shown below The Ghazni Afghan Hounds of Maj. Mrs Amps

This is a photograph of Sirdar taken oh May 22, 1930. Sirdar would almost be 7 years of age at that time. It was taken at the Ladies Kennel Association dog show held at Olympia in London, England and published in "The Times" newspaper.. It is a beautifully clear photograph and Sirdar is not "stacked" so its a good natural photo and shows a lot of his detail. I think it provides a particularly interesting view of his "head" without the topknot brushed up and all fluffy like Mary Amps usually presented him.

This photo is related to the famous occasion of Han Jungeling (Barukhzy, Netherlands) judging the breed at Olympia on this day. You can view full details of that show, photos, results, show report here

A remaining puzzle is to identify the Lady handler who is with Sirdar. It is likely to be one of these - Mary Amps, Catherine Law (her sister), or Ivy Bradshaw (Wahsdarb), if we identify the lady, we'll update this page.

******Update Jan 6th 2017 The "original" second photo find (by Lyall) is on the left below. Steve has just found the same scene, taken from a different angle and that is the photo on the right) PHOTO Sirdar of Ghazni and Mary Amps at Crufts 1930

In this photograph, Sirdar is "on mike" and Broadcasting via radio to the world (apparently). According to the report he "barked" down the microphone... An extra bit of excitement is that Mary Amps is in the photos

Steve Tillotson (and with thanks to Lyall Payne)
July 19 2013, Updatred January 6th 2017

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