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43rd Year Of Publication
Expedition to Afghanistan
(By Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach
Published in "Our Afghans" May/June 2011)

Parjuman Of Ghazni
(Grandson Of Kallila)
(Photo Copyright Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach)
Afghan Hound Times Kallila Of Ghazni US

Two weeks after leaving Ghazni, we passed once more through Islam Qala. This time we were armed with our documentation and no one could take Kallila away from us. We crossed with no problem, and in two weeks were in Greece, where Kallila was given her first inoculations (we had tried in Iran and Turkey, but the serum was not available)

Kalilla Of Ghazni Handwritten Pedigree and Receipt
(Photo Copyright Carlotta Wolseley-Lahchiouach)
Afghan Hound Times Kallila Of Ghazni US Pedigree and Receipt

Pedigree of KALILLA OF GHAZNI US (Import from Afghanistan)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents
Samander (afg) Mammander (afg) Zangi (afg)
Polle (afg)
Gandi (afg) Shanki (afg)
Ghami (afg)
Gandol (afg) Jelander (afg) Zazi (afg)
Tandi (afg)
Mandi (afg) Marghomi (afg)
Salwaghe (afg)

In October of 1973 Kallila flew with us to Montreal. We picked up our van at the port and headed towards home after one year of adventures in the East. For two years we were in contact with the AKC foreign registration department concerning the possibility of the registration of Kallila.

In November of 1977 our hopes were raised while we were in England. We learned of UK Kennel Club show Judge, Daphne Gie, who imported three Tazi's two years ealier from Afghanistan and had them registered by the UK Kennel Club. This was accomplished by having three UK Kennel Club Show Judges examine the dogs and certify that they were true to their breed. We then suggested to the AKC that the same might be applied to our case, but they replied that it couldn't possibly be done. We did gain support from The Afghan Hound Club Of America and local kennel clubs around the country, also show judges, fanciers and breeders. Hopefully to be able to register Kallila for breeding and to have her pups fully registered.

In October of 1977 we bred Kallila to Dicmars Dutchman's Britches of the Grandeur line, owned by Julia Moore of Wellfleet, Maine. On December 16 1977 Kallila whelped eight pups

Shown at the top of this page is a photograph of Parjuman Of Ghazni. Below is the pedigree from a breeding undertaken in 1980 showing Kallila as the maternal Grand-Dam

Pedigree of PARJUMAN OF GHAZNI US (Grandson Of Kallila Of Ghazni US)
Parents Grandparents Great-Grandparents Great-Great-Grandparents
Am Ch Ben Ghazi's The Silver Shadow Am Ch Khalife of Grandeur Jui Pathan of Grandeur Spartan of Grandeur
Aisuu Kurimu of Grandeur
Zari of Grandeur Am Ch Shirkhan of Grandeur
Khabira Khatib
Am Ch Ben-Ghazi's Apryl Am Ch Dureigh's Swan Song Am Ch Ben Ghazis Mandigo
Dureighs How Bout Dat
Ben Ghazi's Bahia Am Ch Karli Ben Ghazi
Am Ch Ben Ghazi Sirdarni
Shrinagar of Ghazni Us Hc804820 Dic Mars Dutchmans Britches Am Ch Dic Mars Candlelight Am Ch Scaramouche of Gray Dawn
Dic Mar's Cotton Candy
Dic Mars Nataja of Zanzibar Dic Mar's Blue Boy of Poncola
Dic Mar Dominique
Kalilla of Ghazni Us Direct Import Samander (afg) Mammander (afg)
Gandi (afg)
Gandol (afg) Jelander (afg)
Mandi (afg)

OA Editors Note on the original article:

In as much as this article ran in the 1970's before being kindly offered to "Our Afghans" for reprint by Mrs. Wolsely-Lahchiouach some of her US registration battles are omitted as no longer applicable. She did get great support from Sunny Shay, Mrs. Mary Nelson-Stephenson, and other greats of those days and is now the proud owner of registered offspring of her line of true and great Afghan Hounds based on her original imports.

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