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Daphne Gie 2-1-1928 - 19-7-2010
Jagai Afghan Hounds, UK and Australia
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In 1962 there is an interesting development - Daphne imported the black bitch Kuzanda van de Emelenberg Of Jagai from Holland. A littermate (dog) Veldspringers Engeland Vaader van de Emelenberg went to T Bhorst of Veldspringer Afghan Hounds in Ireland.

This is an interesting development, because prior this, Daphne, starting out with her Khorrassan and Amudarya foundations had largely bred to the top Carloway stud dogs. So, importation of the Dutch lines is a significant shift in type. Further, Kuzanda was black - a colour that was very hard to win with at that time in the UK, gold/black masked being the preferred colour.. The pedigree is particularly intersting - the sire of the import Ajman Mazuri Shems Chalaman was in fact bred in England and was black. This sire side of the pedigree goes back to the UK Whitcliffe/Chaman lines and also includes Khorrassan and Netheoyd lines. The Dam side of Kuzanda's pedigree is predominently Dutch Van De Oranje Menege lines, so it was quite a radical choice at that time

Daphne mated her Dutch bitch to Ch Pasha Of Carloway. Again, interesting that Daphne had effectively gone for an outcross by importing Kuzanda, and then gone back to the Carloway stud dogs she liked.. This mating produced Ch Begum Kanda Of Jagai Daphnie writes about Kanda "she was one of the naughiest and funniest Afghans I ever met, adding that Kanda had a particular liking for chewing window-sills. Another interesting observation about this litter is that all the offspring were black, with the exception of Aust Ch Subada Shems Ud Doah Of Jagai who was red, was exported to Australia where he became a champion. Kanda was mated to Kismati Khan Of Tarril which produced the black and tan Ch Vishnu Sitara Of Jagai

Daphne acquired Sahri Of Amudarya and eventually mated her to Ch Waliwog Of Carloway. This produced a litter in 1965 of 12 which included the very famous pair Ch Ranjitsinhji Of Jagai. and Ch Rasta Of Jagai

As we move from the 60's into the 70's Daphne stated that her competitive spirit had wained and she increased her activitites on behalf of the Southern Afghan Hound Club. She had been a comittee member since 1959 and eventually became secreatary and served for several years. Daphne also become increasingly interested in Judging. Daphne's judging appointments have included Crufts, European Shows under the FCI system, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and Daphne has judged several times in the USA, the first being Afghan Hound Club of Dallas in 1972. Her last USA Judging appointment was probably the Del Valle Dog Club Of Livermore,Pleasanton, California, USA in 2002 PHOTO Daphne Gie Jaga PHOTO Daphne Gie Jaga

Chipak (Import from Afghanistan)

As well as being a successful exhibitor, breeder, judge, Daphne also wrote a book on the breed "Afghan Hounds - a Complete Guide" which has been very well received. Daphne was the last person to importe Afghan Hounds from Afghanistan into England.

Interestingly, Daphne was kindly helping me with a project I have on the topic of "Imports". Just a few weeks before she died she emailed me the story on her imports, which I detail below, in Daphne's own words - "As you see, I did not personally import Chipak. The Carters (Peers Carter, British Ambassador To Afghanistan in 1974) approached the K.C. about a sire for the bitch given to them by Princess Homaira & they put them in touch with Marna Dods as the best known breeder & kennel. She made an excuse that her dogs would not be a good match, but went on to send them to me as she thought my dogs had more resemblance to the originals & she knew of my interest in the appearance & history (I think maybe she was also worried that Chipak wasn't pure).

As soon as I saw her I was convinced that she was genuine but not one that would be classed as a "good" Afghan i.e. a show dog. They were definitely bred to be strongly structured & useful hunters but she was a terrific hound & definitely Afghan - apparently heavy coated ones used to be sent away to be mated to short coated ones. Anyway, we mated Chipak to one of mine - Actaeon of Jagai who had Horningsea & Bletchingley in his ancestry. The result was a lovely litter of strong puppies who developed exactly like other Afghans but with little glamour. The feet were large, they had excellent bone structure & by modern standards, strong heads.

Then, of course, came the vexed question of registration. As the K.C. had initially accepted her to the extent of suggesting appropriate kennels, I saw no problem for her or them. Back then (1970'S) suitable judges used to be used to verify the status of dogs which were queried, lost etc I dealt with Afghans in the S.E. area & in fact, successfully identified the kennels that one or two came from e.g. from Barbille up north. So as you can imagine I was a bit shattered when the K.C. wanted to know what I thought I was doing by allowing my dog to be used. They therefore insisted that a similar judge from another area should examine Chipak & give their opinion.

Father Ford and Helen Barnes (Davlen Afghan Hounds) came down. Chipak & her puppies were with me. The Carters were also present. I brought Chipak into the formal room & fled to the kitchen while David examined her. When I returned a little later it was quite incredible. There was a sort of happy purring sensation, Chipak was relaxed & Helen & David were beaming all over their faces. She truly was an Afghan. The puppies & Chipak were duly registered & we all lived happily ever after!! David actually said had I produced her wrapped in a rug he would have known she was genuine because of her movements. He later took one of the puppies! (Zarin Barqak Of Davlen)

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